A Grimm Reaction: Once Upon A Crime

A favorite moment of mine when Puck broke down. Why do I like such heartbreaking moments? Well, here we go.

Sabrina smiled. "There's no one here now, Why don't you go ahead with your version?"
Puck tilted his head curiously at Sabrina and smiled.
"My father was mean, arrogant, horrible, and selfish. He cared little for anyone and less for those who disagreed with him. His only love was for his precious kingdom."
Sabrina raised her eyebrows, admiring the boy's honesty, but remained quiet.
Puck turned to the water as if his father were still there, listening.
"I hated you!" he shouted. "You took every opportunity to remind me that I was weak and stupid!"
Suddenly, Puck fell to his knees. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Sabrina rushed to him, knelt down, and used her scarf to wipe them away.

First of all. They were holding hands. It said it moments before.

When he was talking about how his father was mean, arrogant, etc.

When he said I hate you to his father and started crying.


So that's it for Once Upon A Crime. Have A Very Grimm Week!


  1. What a great scene! I love the animated crying. I hope you have a very Grimm week, too!



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