The Everafter War by Michael Buckley

This cover is my second favorite cover and like I said with The Unusual Suspects I love that cover too. This is the book that everything goes down. You find out who the leader of the Scarlet Hand is and you WILL BE SHOCKED!

Puck finds out that Sabrina is married to him in the future. And when he questions that he's a boy and they don't get married he gets the response back that he chose to grow older. He goes on a tyrant and does horrible things and one thing that he regrets.

You can't forge about the Parents Grimm because they are finally awake. You find out where Sabrina got her temper from. But, unfortunately her father isn't too excited to be back. Their parents are always fighting so it isn't what you would call a fairy tale ending.
You learn a lot throughout this book. It's probably my favorite book of all of them... so far. I still got the last book to read. Something big happens other than the revealing of the leader of the Scarlet Hand. Something that will make you cry yours out! Yes, they do it again. They rip your eyes out and stomp on your heart. It's horrible. Well, Have A Very Grimm Week. Last day!


  1. I read your review and now I cannot wait to read this one. It sounds amazing and I agree with you about the cover. I am worried about what will make me cry my eyes out!


    1. Aren't you worried that something is going to get ruined for you?


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