Dial-a-Ghost by Eva Ibbotson

For the Wilkinson's the afterlife hasn't been the greatest time of their lives. Yes, they do have each other... Mr. Wilkinson who used to be a highly respected dentist, Mrs. Wilkinson a lovely motherly type of woman, Eric Wilkinson their teenage son who has a broken heart, Grandma Wilkinson a strong withered old woman who always has an umbrella on hand just in case, and of course Budgie their pet bird who always says Open Wide just like Mr. Wilkinson would say to his patients. All that changed when a bomb was dropped on their house during World War II. Trixie Wilkinson never made it to their afterlife. She was Mrs. Wilkinson's shy younger sister. But there happened to be an addition later on in the form of a lost girl who didn't know who she was. She has a thing for pets and would very much like a ghost sheep she could teach tricks too. Her name is Adopta.Get it?

The Dial-a-Ghost/Adopt-a-Ghost agency is around for ghosts that need a home from the blood stained brides to the headless knights. Everyone is welcome. A family will simply call them up and they will get paired up with the right ghosts. It has been hard to pair anyone up with the Shriekers a married couple who attack children and scream bloody murder. They are supposed to go to Oliver's home. He's an orphan and has recently been given Helton Hall. He's all alone now and the Fultons who believe they should have Helton Hall are furious. They want to give him such a fright that no one will ever see him again...

I remember this cover like it was the back of my hand. I could have sworn I read it in Elementary school because I remember seeing it so often but now I'm not so sure. I can't remember anything of it. Anyways this book is by Eva Ibbotson. She was one of the greatest authors of children's books. The Secret Platform 13, The Island of the Aunts, Which Witch? and more. Now I would love to say this book was absolutely amazing but I think I'm a little too grown to like it (if I really did read it) as much as I did or would back then. It's definitely a children's read of course. It's filled with a great cast of ghosts. Oliver threw me for a loop because he was stronger at the end than I ever expected to be. That boy's got spunk! The most important thing that it conveys is friendship and loyalty. It was a good ghost book for elementary aged kids. 


  1. The name Adopta made me laugh. This sounds like an interesting book. I haven't read anything by this author- but I hear she is great. I think I will read one of her books this summer! Thanks for the information.

    1. You haven't!!! She wrote my favorite book: Journey to the River Sea :D


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