A Grimm Review: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

This post will be a review of characters, favorite moments, and etc. This post doesn't really give anything away but I would be cautious if you haven't read the first book in the Sister Grimm series.

Grimm Characters

"She tucked her long blond hair behind her ear and turned her head away from the window, promising herself that she would be strong and not let her sister see her cry. She had to be the strong one; after all, she was almost twelve years old."
-Sabrina Grimm
"Sabrina's seven-year-old sister had had her face pressed against the window throughout the two-hour trip. Daphne had marveled at each ugly little spot on the map they rolled through, taking a break from the view only to ask the occasional question about their destination."
-Daphne Grimm

"The girls looked up to find a chubby old woman standing in front of them. She was dressed in an ankle-length, navy blue dress with a white shawl around her shoulders. Her long, gray hair was streaked with red, hinting at its original color, and she wore it tightly tucked under a matching navy blue hat with an appliqué  of a big fuzzy sunflower in the middle. Her face was a collection of wrinkles and sagging skin. Nevertheless there was something youthful about it. Perhaps it was the old woman's red cheeks and clear, green eyes. -Granny Relda Grimm

"Next to her stood the skinniest man Sabrina had ever seen. He had a full head of untamed platinum hair and enormous, watery eyes buried beneath eyebrows that were in desperate need of a trim. He wore a dark pinstriped suit that was several sizes too big and held a wide umbrella in one hand and his hat in the other."
-Mr. Canis

"It moved so quickly Sabrina couldn't tell what it was. It pushed over lamps and chairs, leaped over an ottoman, and knocked the terrified girls to the ground. Sabrina screamed, sure they were about to be eaten when, much to her surprise, a gooey tongue licked her cheek. She opened her eyes and looked up at the friendly face of a giant dog."

"A tall man in a purple suit exited the limousine and looked around. He had a strong jaw, deep blue eyes, and shiny black hair. He was probably the best-looking man Sabrina had ever seen, and her heart began to race. That was, until he opened his mouth again.
-Mayor William Charming

"A face was staring out at her but it was not her own. Floating without a body, the face was that of a man with a bald head and thick, angular features. He stared at the children with eyes like blue flames flickering a mixture of rage and disgust, as if the children were rodents found munching on the turkey during Christmas dinner."

"Sitting on the junk "throne" was a boy with a mop of blond hair that was tussled and dirty. He wore a pair of baggy blue jeans and a green hooded sweatshirt in desperate need of a washing, and in his hand he held a small sword. But most interesting was the golden crown that rested on his head."

"The door opened and a short, stout, pear-shaped man stepped out. He wore a beige police uniform with shiny black boots, a billy club at  his belt, a wide-brimmed hat that fastened under his three chins. His face was puffy and pink with a nose that angled upward, so that a person could see up his nostrils."
-Sheriff Hamstead

"Ms. Minerva Smirt was the girls' caseworker. She was a pinch lipped, humorless woman in her late fifties. She had had her hooked nose buried in a book for the entire train ride. Sabrina knew she was reading only so she wouldn't have to talk to them. Ms. Smirt looked up at Daphne with an annoyed scowl and sighed as if the question was more than she could bear."
-Ms. Minerva Smirt

Grimm Recipes

 Warm Chocolate-Chip Cookies (The safest thing they have ever eaten)
"These taste like my mommy's," she exclaimed.
"Where do you think she got the recipe, angel?" Mrs. Grimm said.

Spaghetti and Meatballs (Black, orange, and green. Perfect for Halloween!)
"Sabrina stared inside. She had never seen spaghetti like this. The noodles were black and the sauce was a bright orange color. It smelled both sweet and spicy at the same time, and the meatballs, which were emerald green, were surely not made from any kind of meat Sabrina had ever had."
"It's a special recipe," Mrs. Grimm said, as she dished some out for Daphne." "The sauce has a little curry in it and the noodles are made with squid ink."

Pancakes (With a healthy amount of pink goo on top)
"The old woman tilted the gravy boat over Daphne's pancakes and a sticky, bright pink liquid bubbled ot. To Sabrina it looked like gelatin that hadn't had time to set. When Daphne saw it her eyes grew as wide as the pancakes on her plate."
"It's a special recipe. It has marigolds in it." Mrs. Grimm, proudly poured into Sabrina's pancakes before the girl had a chance to refuse. Sabrina looked down at the funky, fizzing sauce. It smelled faintly of peanut butter and mothballs and Sabrina's stomach did a flip-flop in protest."

Meatballs (They taste just like real... pizza)
At the house, Mrs. Grimm prepared a huge plate of meatballs for the girls, complete with purple gravy, the recipe for which she claimed she'd gotten from a Tibetan monk. Too hungry to resist, Sabrina cut a meatball in half to make sure there wasn't any poison pills inside and, finding none, took a bite. It tasted like pizza."

Didn't anyone think for the last recipe that you wouldn't be able to see the pill because it would be crushed? Anyone? I'm sure it's just me.

Grimm Books

Birds of Oz
The Autobiography of an Evil Queen
Shoes, Toys, and Cookies: The Elvish Handcraft Tradition
365 Ways to Cook Dragon
Architecture for Pigs
Fables and Folklore: The Complete Handbook
Grimms' Fairy Tales
Fairy-Tale Accounts 1942-1965, by Edwin Alvin Grimm
Fairy-Tale Accounts by Henry Grimm
Anatomy of a Giant

Want to read all of those books. You would never see me again if I went in that house.

Extra: Ms. Smirt's book - How to Get the Love You Want

Hall of Wonders


I'd probably not want to go in many of these. Maybe fairy godmother wands, talking plants, wishing wells, crystal balls, and some others. DEFINITELY NOT GRENDEL.

A Grimm Dictionary

"What's an impostor?" Daphne asked, not bothering to turn her head away from the view through the window.
"It means someone who is pretending to be someone she's not," Sabrina said as she watched the rain outside.

"That woman is a lunatic," Sabrina whispered.
"She is not!" Daphne cried. "What's a lunatic?"
"A crazy person. She thinks people live in the woods, she's nailed all the windows shut, she talks to the house, and now she thinks fairy tales and giants are real. We can't stay here."

"Treacherous?" Daphne asked.
"Dangerous," Sabrina explained.

Domestic Tasks
"What does domestic tasks mean?" Daphne asked.
"The way he means it is women's work," here sister replied.

"How is it spelled?"
"It's alliances; it means to team up or join a group," Sabrina explained.

"What does barmy mean?" Daphne whispered to her sister.
Sabrina shrugged. She was having trouble keeping up with Jack's accent.

"Tenacious," Daphne asked.
"It means persistent," Sabrina said.

"And what does persistent mean?" Daphne asked.
"It means he's not going to give up."

A Grimm Outfit

"Sabrina looked in the bag. Inside were some of the strangest clothes she had ever seen. There were two pairs of bright blue pants that had little hearts and balloons sewn onto them. There were two identical sweatshirts that were as awful as the pants--bright orange with a monkey in a tree on the front. Underneath the monkey were printed the words "Hang in there!"

Daphne's Favorite Word


Daphne always has a favorite word each book so check to see in later reviews what she has changed her favorite word to!

Sisters Grimm Moments

"Did you hear someone talking in there?" Sabrina asked her sister.
"It was my belly. It's screaming for breakfast."

"I feel like a movie star," Daphne said as the girls hurried downstairs.
"You look like a mental patient," Sabrina remarked.

"She's funny," Daphne giggled.
Funny in the head, Sabrina thought.

Daphne took the goggles and raised them to her eyes.
"Oh, that's horrible!"
Sabrina looked out the window but saw nothing. "What? What do you see?" she asked nervously.
"You." the little girl giggled. 

A Puck and Sabrina Grimm Moment

"Puck, give me those keys!"
"Listen Puck, don't make me do something you're going to regret."
"I've fought tougher guys than you, Grimm. Though most of them had better-smelling breath!"

Who is Puck?

"I'm the Prince of Faeries. Emperor of Pixies, Brownies, Hobgoblins, Elves, and Gnomes. King of Tricksters and Prank-Players, spiritual leader to juvenile delinquents, layabouts, and bad apples."
He also goes by Robin Goodfellow and The Imp.

I sooo love Puck and if you don't love him now you will love him soon. 

A Mayor Charming Moment

"Relda Grimm is your Grandmother?"the mayor growled between gritted teeth. "When will this cursed family die out? You're like a swarm of cockroaches!"

Favorite Grimm Moments

When Sabrina realized she was wrong.
"I don't want to hear another word about fairies and goblins and giants or Jack and the Beanstalk or Humpty Dumpty!" Sabrina raged as Elvis let out a shrieking howl. "I know the difference between reality and fairy tale!"

But she hardly finished her rant when something fell out of the sky. It was monstrous and encircled the car and lifted it off the ground. Sabrina couldn't believe what she was seeing, but it was there, right in front of her.

When Sabrina first meets Puck and kicks his butt.
"But Sabrina didn't answer. Instead, she spun around, grabbed the boy by the shoulders, and heaved him into the pool, sending a splash of water and soggy dead leaves high into the air. The sword had slipped from the boy's hand as he fell, and with nimble fingers, Sabrina caught it. She leaped to safety on the side of the pool and waved the sword threateningly at the pixies."

Phew! Finally I'm done. I know I wrote a lot but it is a review which really means an overview of the book so most of you should know the book by now. And it was honestly fun looking everything up. I'm going to be more spoilery in the other reviews so I don't recommend reading them. Well, Have A Very Grimm Week!


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