Breathless by Lurlene McDaniel

Travis has always been at the edge of life which is probably why he is a diver. And despite being a diver when football always reigns he is still one of the most popular kids at school. One day he goes out with his girlfriend, his best friend, and his sister to Alabama's Lake Martin and he attempts to a dive off of Chimney Rock, the tallest cliff out there. He's done it before so he doesn't expect his leg to break half way through the dive. He also doesn't expect all the tests they run on him at the hospital. And he especially doesn't expect to have bone cancer. Everything changes and he asks his  best friend for the most impossible thing. Will he get his friend to help him out with a life altering decision?

The story is told between four POV's. Travis comes in and you get to know the wild guy who could be the life of the party if he wanted to be. Then you see him at his worst. He is fading away even becoming depressed. (That's not a surprise) He knows why everyone is always around. They need to babysit the cripple.

Cooper is Travis's best friend. Travis is Cooper's only friend. He became friends with him early on and is usually at his house most nights because of complications with his mother. His dad isn't around and he is a social outcast because of the way he looks. He is mixed with Hawaiian and Korean. He has had a crush on Travis's sister for awhile now.

Emily is Travis's sister who is always in worry mode over her brother. She doesn't trust his girlfriend so much because well if you just looked at her you would know she isn't the type to stick around. She also has a crush on Cooper but why would he ever look at her? Her friends are books and anyways he's Travis's best friend. Of course they both don't know that they like each other but everybody else does. Isn't that always the case?

Darla is Travis's girlfriend. The one who can get any guy but she sticks by her man because he has always been a gentleman to her unlike how her father treats her and her mother. She has never been as smart as her father and he makes sure she remembers it.

This book is only 165 pages and you can really feel it. The author did not go in depth with the characters. I consider this a light read with some interesting things to think about when you are done reading but honestly it isn't anything that wowed me. I couldn't feel horrible about Travis's condition. It sucked but I didn't cry which I always do because I'm way too emotional. The characters could have been much better. Seems I'm not having much luck this week. Hopefully it'll pick up soon.


  1. This book sounds like it would be a real tear-jerker. I cry all the time when I read. I winced when I read about his leg breaking. UGH! The cover and title are interesting. :)

    1. Yeah, the leg breaking was pretty bad.
      It oddly didn't make me cry. It was a pretty light read and didn't go in depth with emotions but it is pretty sad.


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