Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl's mother died four years ago, she just finalized her divorce, and is going on a journey that will she will always remember because from that point on everything in her life changes. From that point on she can move on.

This is my second memoir not counting Born to Run which I count as just a biography. I don't know. No one else says it's a memoir so I won't either. So I am really comparing it to both books because Born to Run was about long distant running while this one is about a young woman trying to heal after her mother's death after she sabotaged her marriage and then goes on a hike for oh lets see... Eleven hundred miles! I also compare it to my first memoir because well... it's a memoir and it's about a girl trying to heal with her mother's death as well which is the whole purpose of her going out there and roughing it so here it goes...

So Born to Run taught me new things. I'm absolutely a wannabe runner and as you can guess a hiker too if I read this book. It didn't really teach me anything new except that I really didn't want to go backpacking and getting all those sores over my back, shoulders, and hips plus my toenails falling off. Haha! Yeah I know. Ew, right? I know the same thing with the toenails happens to long distance runners but still. I guess I really like running more than hiking or I've actually actively ran to get better at distance and I've never hiked before in my life but it this book didn't strike a chord with me as much as Born to Run did. But putting it on its own in the hiking aspect I just wanted some more about actually getting into hiking. I know she just went and never hiked like that before in her life and she explained it all but I guess it wasn't as exciting as Born to Run because I didn't walk away mind blown or like I learned a lot. But I can tell you I did walk away wanting to hike even more. What would it be like to just go out there and let you and only you dictate your survival. It compels you to want to move.

Now the other book I was talking about was The Rules of Inheritance. If you remember this girl's mother died when she was eighteen and she went through some dark things. It was a masterpiece so you really should go check it out. Anyways I didn't feel as much as I did with that one. I guess since it was just mainly focused on her pain and it was just a lot. It also could be that this book was a lot more positive. She let it out there like the other author did but the whole thing was her actively going out and doing something to let her heal while The Rules of Inheritance was her basically just digging a deeper hole. Cheryl did do drugs and she did get an abortion which is the same but it was like nothing. The drugs I saw her look past it and that was fine but she didn't even think twice about getting an abortion and that's just messed up. She didn't even talk about it later after she told us about her kids. It annoyed me a bit but not my life I guess... I won't go into that more because I don't want to sound too... I don't even know.

You may think she must not like this book. Well you would be wrong. I rated those two other books 5 stars while I rated this one 4. I thought this book was fantastic. It made me want to get out there. I loved hearing about those sores, aching feet, and the blistering sun. I want that so I feel this book satisfied me in almost every single way. It is definitely a mover and shaker like Goodreads proclaimed last month and well worth the read.


  1. These books sound interesting. I like that they are different- but helped you to learn about yourself. I never thought about all the things that could happen to your body if you do a lot of hiking. I like to hike- but I don't hike that much! Thanks for sharing these books!


  2. I didn't know you read more adult type of books.
    I guess since you are a children's author I assumed.
    But anyway All the books I mentioned are really wonderful.
    If you ever do read The Rules of Inheritance bring some tissues with you.
    Ah! You hike? Lucky!


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