Socialpunk Trilogy Blog Tour #4

Ima lives in The Dome. You can't leave The Dome. She doesn't remember her younger years-the years she wasn't at Dome. Her best friend in the world is Dash and it's become awkward between them. See she loves him but can't tell him. He even sets her up with Nahum who is new to The Dome.

Her father is controlling and hurts her if she goes too far while her mother decides to do nothing while her daughters in pain. She runs away to go to a concert- her father hot on her trails but she makes it there with Dash which is where she meets Nahum and another boy... One of the boys with black hoodies grabs her just before an explosion kills a mass of people. But no one seems to notice. It must be the drugs the black hoodies were giving them so why is this one helping her?

She discovers the impossible. Her home is a simulation. The world is completely different. The real world with artists and people who are immortal. There body is basically technology and there is no love. She must decided now if she should stay and start over or save everyone from her home because there is a conspiracy going on and she's the hero that they need.

Yay! Finally got to review Socialpunk. I thought Ima was kind of hopeless in the beginning. Only because she was being carried around everywhere by guys which I know girls wouldn't mind that much but still! She did grow out of it even though she's completely oblivious to the guys mooning over her and of course how beautiful she is. She takes the lead and I respect her for it.

The beginning again I had a problem with because it moved to fast. I couldn't get into the characters and what was going on but it transformed from there and I was able to see the vision of the author's creation. It was quite excellent-- the plot and how the world was. Artists everywhere. Who would have thought that was the future? But it did say that was just the industry there so there's that. I would love to have so many artists everywhere though. I'd stare at all the art all day.

I ruined the ending for myself because I found it weird that it said on Goodreads that it was like 200 pages and it ended being much less. It was a face palm hit to the forehead moment. Oh well... It was a pretty shocking ending to say the least. I know that the two others are supposed to come out soon too so I would like to see Ima's/Cinder's reaction.

She kind of accepted it all pretty fast. I would not have changed like that if I were her. I love how they run everywhere though. That's fun. I don't like how they all aren't really them. Their bodies are made and aren't real... it's pretty creepy. This is of course is one of the things that draws me in. I completely loved the whole city. I can't wait to see how the whole story enfolds. Thank goodness for indies!


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