There's A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom by Louis Sachar

Ah. Nostalgia. I always thought I read this book in 5th grade but according to me (writing in the book) it was 4th grade. In that case Ms.Drummond (or was it Mrs? I know she changed it later)  did a bang up job giving this book and Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing for the class to read. Now I'm kind of biased on this book so I rated it higher then I'm sure everyone else would. But I loved this book so yeah...

Bradley Chalkers is a bully. He hates everyone and everyone hates him. It's as simple as that. He had to take 4th grade twice. His friends consist of  some animal (figurines?). The red rabbit being his favorite. He NEVER does his homework and NEVER gets any gold stars. He's pretty sure that his teacher hates him too. Everyone doesn't want him around because with Bradley comes trouble. Then two new people show up to his school. A boy named Jeff who he threatens to spit on but then later on in the day basically buys him off to become friends. He's his BEST FRIEND and he went into the Girl's Bathroom by mistake but he doesn't know that. Then there is his counselor. A new young counselor who believes everything he has to say even though they are obviously lies. And then Bradley starts changing. But then will it really last?

I know when I read it, it was obviously a little bit more of a children's book then I expected... He was really childish but it was still a really great book. Again I'm biased but I think even if I read it later I'd still recommend it as a good book for elementary aged kids. It was sweet with the counselor. I would so like to be as calm as her. I guess you learn what to say when a kid starts lying to you or yelling at you. It worries me. So it was a good book. I'll have to read Holes by him soon.