Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Before I get on with the review I would like to say a couple of things. This is my first book club read that takes place at my house but it's not formed by me which I really don't understand why because I read more books than anyone in my family but there that is. I don't know if it's going to last long even though it has been going great but family is fickle like that. I didn't read one time... and everyone is going crazy. It was really stupid. But really it's not a big deal. I finished it that day like twenty minutes late. So whatever. I'm surprised my mom agreed to this because I only sometimes get to buy books so I'm pretty happy. But no one likes my books though so yeah...

This was some creepy book. I still don't know what the problem with the two clowns is. What in the hell is that!? And last thing before I go into my review... I'm glad this was the first read. It was a really good book.

Jacob was told stories when he was little by his grandfather but they weren't meant to be stories. They are what really happened according to his grandfather. To get away from the war he was sent to a home but it wasn't just any home. Every child there was peculiar. They had powers. Like the girl who you needed to keep tied down or she would float away or the boy who was invisible and liked to walk around naked and follow you around. You wouldn't be able to tell at all. There was a point in Jacob's life that he stopped believing like his father. He was delusional but when he finds his grandfather sliced up and looks up to see a... thing with tentacles coming out of his mouth just for a brief second he goes absolutely crazy with disbelief and grief. After awhile he decides to go to the island where the home was to get some closure... well kind of because there is a small part of him that believes that maybe his grandfather wasn't telling stories after all.

As I said before this was a good book to open with the book club. It actually was kind of scary but more than scary it was the wondering that kept you guessing. What was going to happen after that!? It's crazy to find out about the home and the kids and how they have lived for all these years. It's kind of depressing if you think about it. There was this one kid who would take out hearts of mice and put them in clay soldiers. It was beyond creepy. That's the type of kid that you would see on the playground by themselves setting fire to ants with a microscope and you knew then they had issues. You then proceeded to back away slowly because who knows what he could do or become? Very long description I know.

I'm glad Jacob was 15 so I could relate to him more. If he was an adult which I was expecting I don't think I would have been as taken with this as I was. It would also be especially creepy because of Emma.... *shudders* you'll find out why when you read it. The parents are just sad. The father can't do anything right and probably feels that way because the mother is super rich but that's no excuse. The mother shouldn't even be talking because that is inheritance money. She didn't make that money so stop being a little... pain especially to you son who saw his own grandfather die! So anyways it was well worth the read. If you are scared easily I don't recommend reading it at night but then again it's not really scary but spooky... if that makes any sense. There's a difference.... I loved that Jacob was from Florida and so is "Ransom Riggs" like I believe that's his real name. I'm kind of surprised that there is going to be another one... but we'll see. This reminds me of The Woman in Black which I really need to see. Well see ya!


  1. I actually just got this book this last weekend...I think. I got it on my Kindle for I like $3.99. based on your review it sounds a little strange. I looked at it when I was at B&N the last time and there were some pictures in it. I can't wait to read it because I've nver read a book that has scared/creeped me out.

  2. You haven't? You've been missing out! I love a good scary book ones with big plot twists that give me the chills. One of my favorite authors is a Horror writer, Robert Cormier, who is an absolute genius. Though I wouldn't consider this or Cormier a horror book or writer. It's just spooky. Hope you have fun reading it (:


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