Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks

Release Date:  February 28th 2012

Maggie McKay is NOT nervous for her first day of high school. Well that's what she would like you to believe. She's actually freaking out at the prospect of not being home schooled anymore. Why wouldn't she be? After all she has just spent her whole life surrounded just by her family. She like her family are just a cast of characters. She has three brothers two of which are twins. They are mostly loud and dramatic. Her father is a cool hippie sort of cop with his long hair. But her mother isn't there and the subject is cast off usually as a mystery.

She is able to make some friends in the form of a brother and sister with matching Mohawks. Lucy is sooo dramatic like all the characters are making you laugh at all her antics. Her brother Alistair on the other hand seems to be an enigma with some students including her older brother Daniel. But even with all the weird stares she is still able to befriend them. So all seems to be going right with her world... sort of. She kind of has tinsey tiny problem. Well more like human sized because she has a ghost haunting her.

I don't really read graphic novels. Not that I don't like them. I LOVE them especially considering my brother loves comics and has given that passion back to me. I've just have never found a graphic novel worth reading because I hardly know any and after the all girl teen MINX was cancelled I thought there was no hope left. Getting a little dramatic there myself. I just am saying all this because I am so glad I was able to find this book! So funny throughout. I love all the characters especially the Mohawk siblings. And even more especially Alistair! I also love that the protagonist was a girl. Maggie even talked about how she loved a movie that had a kick ass girl in it. That's how I felt about her. I know I'm not in deep with the world of comics but I know they mostly have boys as the main character. So I was happy for the change. Not saying this book wouldn't be good for boys. Quite the opposite. I think boys will also love this book.

I didn't see where this book was going to take me but honestly it could have taken me anywhere and I still would have loved it. The ghost was what really attracted me to the book (well that and the cover of course!). Maggie made me stay. There's a whole bunch of humor in this book but there is also some seriousness to it i.e. her mom leaving and her brothers fighting. Not too much but just the right amount that you feel for the characters. The ending is so ominous it's like "Hey! Why'd you stop?" But a satisfying one. I can't wait to read some more Maggie!

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