The Bridge of Deaths by M.C.V. Egan

Bill is an average guy. He's more logical than most. He's pretty quiet and has a reserved type of personality. He would love to settle down and meet his true match. But there is also something special about Bill. His dreams well more like nightmares of a plane crashing down. It's the same nightmare he's had for years and in the beginning acts like it's no big deal that he has had many therapists in his life. He's had the nightmare most of his life. In eighth grade? he went on a trip to amazingly Europe. *pouts* This is where it all started. It "triggered" his nightmares... his memories.

Maggie is a sweet life of the party type of girl. She's always been kind of different in the way she believes. Consulting the stars and psychics. She believes that we all have past lives and when she sees Bill in the a section that is just right her alley but clearly by the way he looks is not his she's instantly interested in him. He doesn't believe in past lives but he is curious. Could these nightmares be memories? And as he and Maggie come together he soon realizes that life is not just black and white. And even more unexpectedly he finds that he and Maggie have a connection. Once ago they had been together. In love. And here they go again brought together by the strangest of ways. What happened on that airplane? What does Bill need to let go?

Okay. Bill and Maggie instantly drew me in. I mean. Past loves. Their like soul mates. So romantic. Past lives have also always interested me. I do happen to think that we might live in a cycle and this life might not be our last. The psychic thing was weird because that is harder to believe but eventually I was cool with it. So again what drew me in was those two. The beginning was perfect. I loved the dialogue between the two but in the middle it just lost me. I really think the whole nonfiction/fiction thing threw me so I blame it on that. It was hard to get into after that but then it drew me in again and the mystery of it all was just awesome.

The whole thing is in Bill's past life he has some haunting thing that happens to him that he can't let go. I kind of enjoyed reading about the bodies of the people recovered. Not because I'm morbid like that but the mystery of it all. Why was was swollen randomly? He wasn't even a big guy. And then at the end all is revealed and I didn't expect any of it at all. It kind of fades away after that. I was hoping they'd just reveal to someone important but I know they would just sound crazy. Also, it wasn't for anyone else. It was to help Bill... also for Catalina a Floridian researcher who was putting it behind her when Bill and Maggie threw her into it all again. It was a little bit too essay-y and I think it's because I'm a fiction girl plus teen reader that I didn't like this as much as others. But it was still good and I enjoyed reading it.

Thanks to the author for letting me read this book. (:


  1. Adriana, I am so impressed that someone so young read the book so carefully, Bravo! I think that the autopsys are also very interesting and that is the part of shows like Body of Proof or CSI that I enjoy!
    Thanks again for taking the time to read The Bridge of Deaths.
    M.C.V. Egan


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