Bittersweet Summer by Anne Warren Smith

Release Date: March 1st 2012

So you would think the last day of school would be celebratory but not for Katie Jordan because her former fourth grade teacher was the best teacher ever. Everybody's crying all over the place hugging Ms. Morgan. She's telling them everything special that she will miss about them. Katie's worried that she won't say anything nice about her. After all she's always messing things up. But Ms. Morgan is not like that and after reassuring everyone that they'll still be able to see her they all head off towards home which is also a teary procession for Katie because her best friend Sierra is going away this summer to her grandmother's house in Seattle. That means she's stuck with Claire. A forced friendship by their dad's since they live across the street from one another. Claire has a big summer project coming up--she's going to get Ms. Morgan to marry her dad. Katie doesn't know how to feel. She does have a mother but she's never home and is always singing in concerts but she still loves her and always talks likes she's there at night. But then again Ms. Morgan would be the best mother. Not only does she have to deal with Clair's summer project, not being able to see Sierra, but also she might have to move to Portland two hours away!

Well Katie Jordan was a well likable character. I felt really bad for her and her younger brother that their mother was never there for them. And then the brother, Tyler, got books from the library about animals looking for their mother. He would suck his thumb and say that baby is looking for his mother. Such a heart breaker! I thought Katie was selfish at times. I knew it was probably accurate how a kid would act at that age but sheesh. With the dog? So selfish. All the other times I felt sorry for her and genuinely liked her.

Claire... Claire, Claire, Claire, Claire, Claire.... I tried to forgive you some because you are smart enough to realize that blue is the best color out there. But boy you are sooo mean. You would want to roll your eyes at her too if you knew about her. She's a neat freak when it comes to anything basically. A rude neat freak and I hated the way she looked down at people. You're 10! You can't be acting like that at that age. Can you? I thought that Katie and her had an up and down relationship but I maybe saw one up so I don't really know anymore. They were both acting their age I know with the jealously and selfishness but still.... Anyways it did prove to be a really great book. Very realistic and it touched down on serious issues like her mother never being there. As you can tell I really got into it. It was better than I expected. It's worth reading.

Oh yeah. There is two other books before this but I didn't feel I had to read them before this. I'll probably get them since I liked this book so much. Here they are:


  1. Thanks so much, Adriana, for reviewing "Bittersweet Summer." I love writing about these characters, -- especially Katie as she tries to understand her mom's hard decision to put a career ahead of parenting. There's a fourth book in the works. You can see more on my website.

  2. Well thank you for writing Bittersweet Summer! I didn't know there was a fourth one. I don't see it on your website. What's it called?


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