As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins

He'll get there. 
Won't he?"
(Jacket Flap)

Remember this? This ominous description of this book? Well here I am again to fill in the gaps. Ry has gotten himself into a little bit of trouble. Well let's be honest a lot of trouble. He's gotten himself stuck out in the middle of nowhere after he left his train to get a signal. Why on earth would he do that you say? He just maybe forgot to read an important memo that the camp he's going to is no longer running. So what does he do? Leave his stuff on a train and goes climbing up a hill to get reception on an almost out of commission cellphone. So he heads his way to a town where he meets Del. Del loves fixing problems. And he just happens to be the one to find Ry disheveled with cuts all over his arms, a black eye, and only one shoe. But the big problem with Dell is he's stubborn. And he'll stop at nothing to get him home. 

As he's adventure takes place he's parents, grandfather, and even his dogs are having their own little adventure. The parents can't communicate with him because monkeys have their cellphone, his grandfather fell down in a ditch, and his dogs trying to do something or get help (God knows what was going on in their head) decide to go home. Well something like that....

Ry was so very dramatic it was ridiculous. He was the comic relief. With all the things he got himself into it was nice having him there so I can see thing through the eyes of a normal human being. You know who's not normal? Dell. Dell just pissed me off throughout the book. Sure he was helping this guy out but no wonder you have no one with you... And I know that was just supposed to be his character and everything would turn out right in the end but you know what? I don't care. I still didn't like him. Half way through in fact I was tired of him. Which leads up to what I have to say next: This book was too long. Now I know you are going to think really? That's your problem with the book? Well to that I say yes. The book was too long. I have read books that are plenty long but this one just dragged on. Half of the book I liked and without Ry I would have stopped reading a long time ago. So for that I still say I liked it. I think others might have a better perspective of it so if you are shaking your head at me go ahead and read it. It might be just me.

Before I end the review I have to say that I really like this cover. It reminds me so much of Spirited away. (:



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