Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt

Payton Gritas has been clueless of her father's MS until one startling discovery of her mother putting a needle in her father's butt. Yeah. Awkward. 6 months of lying by not only her parents but her brothers too. Did they not think she can handle it? Furious she stops speaking to them. Two weeks later she is in the counselor's office after her parents scheduled a meeting for her. Now she must get advice on dealing with her father's disease from a woman that dresses sporadically and probably has never seen a file in her life. She suggests getting a Focus Object so she can focus her emotions and be able to deal with her dad's MS. She hasn't been very organized or even focused so when she remembers that she has a meeting after this periods over she looks around for one. She goes over some inanimate objects but she wants something that changes and then she sets her eyes on the back of Sean Griswold's head. It's perfect! Jac is there too helping her with being a "Research Analyst" by getting to know more about the man behind the head. But what follows is pretty unexpected. She's starting to get a crush on someone who was just to be her focus. You knew that was going to happen didn't you?

First book of the New Year! I've been wanting to read this book for a little over a year so I was pretty happy when I got it for Christmas. It wasn't what I expected. It made me go back in forth with what I believed the story was like. For instance Sean himself. Midway I thought he wasn't what the book is focusing on. He didn't seem necessary anymore. By the end I was like okay he's okay. Not that I didn't like him. I just thought the whole story should become bigger than and it did. With his introduction to biking to her and her friend telling her she was selfish. It played out well and really made me want to bike or exercise at least. But that isn't the main thing. She goes with the lie that her parents lying to her for 6 months was the reason she was so angry with them but it turned out to be more than that. The beginning was hard to get into because I don't know... she sounded conceited? But, I did end up liking it. In its own way it was a really good story. I also really liked Jac. Even though I would want to kill her too her pushing showed she cares. It was a sweet unassuming book. Here's something that I think fits just right for this review. It's between her and her best friend Jac but it's basically Jac:

"Are you serious? My dad has a disease--" "Oh, boo freaking hoo. At least he's still around! Jac cries, her cheeks wet with tears. "You want some professional advice? You have the most perfect life and you can't even see it. A friend who goes out of her way to help. Parents who love you and worry about you and book counseling sessions for you. You have it so good, you have to create drama. Walking around wearing your dad's T-shirt like he's dead. He's not going to die, Payton. He's right there. He's right there and you're acting like he is already gone."

Yeah. It's a good moment. Also, if you like Seinfeld you might like this book. It was weird them knowing the episode numbers but whatever. I'm glad that I know Seinfeld. As you can tell I did like this book and do think you should read it. Happy New Year's everyone!


  1. This book sounds great, and I'm a huge fan of Seinfeld!
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