LoveSick by Jake Coburn

Ted just lost his scholarship because of a car accident that wrecked his knee. Not only that but he has to go to AA meetings so he doesn't go to jail. He was well revered after all so he's given a break. Never considering himself an alcoholic he goes to the meetings and ends up staying sober. He wasn't ever hurting anyone else drinking because he did alone when his parents weren't home from all there jobs. He just left one night and hurt the one person he always was- himself but it shows on the outside now. Then he's suddenly given the opportunity to change his luck. Another free ride given to him. All he has to do is look after a rich man's girl. A couple e-mails and he's set. He doesn't even have to do it the four years.

Erica is bulimic. She resents her father and his poor choice in women especially his with The Ferret as she likes to fondly call his wife. Her mother dies 15 years ago so around 3 she lost her mom. Being bulimic means she binges with food. She hardly eats and then she just eats a lot in one time and throws it up by force if you know what I mean. She takes an interest to the shy mysterious Ted. Well he does first doesn't he...? But then he starts getting to know her and starts falling in love.

I was going to put this down in the beginning because it was getting a little too graphic with the puking. At least I think it did because I skipped that paragraph when it started heading down that road. It's not like I didn't know what the book was about. I just didn't think it would be so detailed. It was really creepy I thought at first on the exact process she had with the whole thing. It interested me later on and I didn't feel so awkward about it anymore. People have their issues. I may not be used to it but it's still out there.

I loved Ted. I didn't realize he was so quiet and sweet in the beginning. I thought it was because of this situation but no I think he's just like that. He was just a guy with some issues, Oh yeah about that apparently it's a true story because in the beginning there is like a prologue and the author is talking about how this actually happened in real life which tweaked my interest even more. I know there is months passing by but I feel like the relationship was a little too fast. Just a little because I've read faster... it can be a real pain. But no not too much but it's kind of like they said they liked each other with hardly any time or events between them. Conversations I mean. I wanted more time out of the book. Oh yeah and the beginning of the actual story is like what? You have to read on a little more to get what is happening... or maybe that was just me. All in all I did like it. I just wanted a little more before they said they liked each other... and I don't know it was missing something to me... it was still a good book. Hope you enjoyed the review! A great recommendation by a friend on Goodreads.

Oh yeah! I wouldn't have thought a man would write a book like this so I was impressed with him doing this book at all. And of course that he wrote it pretty well. Not saying he couldn't have. Just that I've never seen it.


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