Letters in Cardboard Boxes by Abby Slovin

I've never read a book by an independent author before. I think I was over-analyzing it in the beginning. Then I stopped myself before I went crazy and eased into the story. From then on out I let the story fill me up.

Parker is a 29 year old who seems t like being stuck in a rut. At least she doesn't seem to notice that she acts way older than she really is. At 29 I would think I wouldn't be as sad as I felt she was. Well anyway the one person she could trust sent her a letter. It's not unusual for her grandmother to do so because her childhood was filled with these letters. Letters going back and forth between their houses that aren't that far away. Letters filled with adventures across the sea or just in a new place altogether other than their home in New York. They were something to pass the time away but not only that. It filled a hole missing from Parker's life. A bond that has been seemingly unable to break. Her grandmother raised her after all while her parents explored the world and researched all of what they could so they can change the world. But what happened to Parker? Now she's all grown up and she looks to see why her grandmother would send such a letter again. This letter will drastically change her life and the way she views it.

I had to stop with this story after awhile. It's just that type that makes you sigh... I just wanted to get up and walk aimlessly to think. Because this book makes you think. At least contemplate especially with a character like Parker. Parker. Parker. Parker... she seriously acted way too old and I wanted to push her out the door into the world. She's so self conscience and that made me worried because I am too. The whole book felt solemn but in a good way. Again it made me think. I really liked Tanya. So self assured but also not. On the verge of being and adult but also in the verge of slipping up as teenagers like to do. I got really connected with both of them and their relationship even more so then Parker's and her grandmothers. Oh I did shed tears for them but I liked the hope and positivity their relationship represented. A new beginning. I don't know what I expected out of this book in the beginning but it evolved into something that I know I had no idea it would end up being like. I really think this book should have way more readers already and I don't know why it doesn't. It was truly great. Thanks for letting me read it Abby.


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