Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Camelia has always had a normal life. She's friends with a boy crazy and clothes crazy girl named Kimmie and a sort of funny smart alecky boy named Wes. 3 months ago her life was simple. Hanging out with her friends, sculpting pottery, and having an overall good life but then something has to give right? She is walking along and drops a pair of earrings and notices that a car is headed straight her way. She freezes and before she can be hit by the car she is hit hard by something else and is pushed out of the way. Then there is this boy appearing in front of her asking if she's okay. He does something odd... he touches her. She can't get the way he touched her out of her mind. The touch and him because he's gone just as fast as he got there.

So it's a new year and she's a Junior. She's talking with her friends and then he comes in. The boy everyone is talking about not only because it's a small town and he's new but word is he pushed his girlfriend off a cliff. Camelia doesn't believe in rumors since the one that was told about her and because it's him. He saved her. Why would a supposed killer save her? Not being discouraged she befriends him which takes awhile because he sort of freaks out when he touches her. And through all that there is someone sending pictures and gifts at her home. Someone who is getting closer. He (Ben) warns her that she is in danger. He's hiding something, that's for sure so why doesn't she care?

Camelia. What a horrible name. It was bothering me reading her name but then I found out she doesn't like it either. That her parents thought it would be fun to name her after a lizard so I was cool with it. The whole touch thing really creeped me out. She liked it too. And sometimes he couldn't control himself and hurt her. Needless to say I didn't like Ben. The thing that got me into the whole thing was the stalker. I know. Weird. But it was something I didn't even think about when reading the summary so it was surprising when in between some chapters there was someone else narrating. Writing in a journal I guess.  Then that person started to call her names and saying other things about her and I was like uh oh. I guess I like books with crazy people. I had to read back in this book because the ending was not what I expected at all. I never do that. I really liked it but the whole touch thing was weird. The last pages irritated me. I know this is a series of 5. The next one is supposed to be the stalker thing again... I'll still end up reading it and I'll see how it goes. So hope you liked the review (:                                                                                                         


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