Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Chains is one out of three of the Seeds of America trilogy so you can expect the story to go on more. Isabel lives in the time of the beginnings of revolution in America. It is 1776 so you know things are about to go down. She's just a lost little girl trying to take of her slow sister who everyone thinks is a little bit odd if not amusing. She also has bursts of something else that I'll leave out because I liked the surprise and it will surprise you. Her mother died earlier on and now that her master (grumble grumble...) has died she has to go with someone else. But wait she was given freedom but there is no way to prove it. So sadly she is sold again to the Lockton's. You will grow to hate the "lady of the house" soon enough. What she does... SHE MADE ME SOOO ANGRY. IT WAS RIDICULOUS. That's the problem with reading historical fiction. It's not that bad. I have read worse I think. It was muted down to what it could have been I think.

On there arrival to New York which was going to be Isabel's and her sister Ruth's new home they meet a boy well... Isabel meets Curzon. Oh Curzon. He asks her to spy on the Lockton's because they are known to be Liberals (for the crown) while he and his you know what is for the Rebels. They are for the Americans. She just wants to protect her sister and earn her freedom. She does not want to get in between a war that won't be able to solve any problems for her. But, she soon is forced to become a pawn in this revolution.

Throughout the story it talks about events, quotes, and other things pertaining to that exact time in America. I really liked reading that in the beginning of each chapter because it gave you a sense of what's going to happen. I love Isabel. She is one of my favorite heroines from a book. She's just the greatest. I cannot describe to you how fantastic this book is and this coming from a person who does not read historical fiction! This is a truly fantastic book that deserves praise from everyone and everyone should read it.


  1. This book was amazingly executed including characters you want to fight for and an exciting plot. This book also teaches about the Revolutionary War.


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