Percy Jackson Highlight: Tyson

Warning: Do not read this if you haven't read the book or you might get some things ruined for you! Continue at your own risk! (;

I'm not going to outwardly put a picture of because that would ruin everything for people who don't want to know yet! But if you do want to know here is my Highlight of the lovable Tyson! Tyson is a Cyclops! Percy couldn't tell right away. He is more than six foot tall. The Mist affected him which was the real problem. It was weird to me because he is a demigod. He probably didn't notice any weird things before he knew but now he should be able to see through it already. I hope that Chiron does one day show him how to control the Mist.

Tyson is compared to an eight year old. He's a baby in the family. When Percy finds out that he actually is his brother he's not too pleased about it. Poor Tyson. I get it though. A Cyclops my brother? Pretty embarrassing. But, he was friends with him all year... I still understand. Tyson loves ponies! He thinks Chiron is a pony which was a pretty funny moment.

Chiron sniffed. "My dear young Cyclops! I am a centaur."

I love when he says that. And keeps on repeating. Tyson is taken under the wing of Beckendorf. He learns about blacksmithing and likes to tinker with some tools before he goes to bed. Reminding me of Tinkerbell. He creates this awesome chariot and a couple of weapons and something special for his brother. I forgot to talk about how he was homeless. He was considered a mistake. Again poor Tyson! He has scars on his back from the monsters who attacked him. He lived in a box. Percy was his only friend at school and of course it was meant to be.

Tyson meets a Hippocampi. It's a fish horse that I thought looked innocent until I saw this. Be careful. Try to not look at the information on the page. It's not a really big deal but it does talk about the other books. He befriends one and names it Rainbow. He does back flips for him.. it's real cute. Anyways I won't ramble anymore. I hope you liked the Highlight!


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