Percy Jackson Highlight: Grover

As I posted earlier I might have gods or other character highlights after a Percy book. So I'm having one on Grover. As you know Grover is Percy's friend. He goes with him to Yancy Academy for a year. He can't go to gym class because he has this limp. The book later explains that it was because he is a Satyr. A Satyr is part goat. Percy thought he was part donkey and Grover got a bit indignant when he said that. It was an insult that could get you killed he said. He limps because of the way he moves. You know how a horse clomps? Like that. That's why he limps. He has fake legs but without it he has two hairy legs. He's like the guy Lucy meets in Narnia.

Dionysus is the master of the Satyrs. It says everywhere else that he was actually a companion. He gets in trouble because he didn't do a good job on his mission. Percy is alive yes but Percy is the one who carried Grover to the Big House. Percy's mother also didn't make it so... he gets a little bit chewed out. This was his second chance to get his Searcher's license. Pan is who he is looking for. Pan is the Greek god of the wild. 2000 years ago someone said he was dead. The humans have been polluting the world ever since. So all the Satyrs are looking for him but he keeps on failing as a Keeper, a protector of demigods.

Grover has bad luck. He finds the two most powerful demigods, Percy and Thalia, but they are always in trouble and they can and have gotten killed. He'll never get his searcher's license if he they all die! He was as I said Thalia's keeper. Thalia sacrificed herself so Grover could get her two friends across to Camp Half-Blood territory. One was Annabeth and the other another camper made Luke. He is the best swordsman for a long time in Camp Half-Blood.

He eats tin cans by the way. He's always nervous it seems. And he talks to animals. I didn't add his picture from the website because a lot of people (including me) find it disappointing. I would want you to imagine however you want. He just looks silly which makes sense but still... Well I hope you liked the highlight. I did add the picture from the movie because the post looked bare. Speaking about the movie... Coming soon is my rant about the movie. So stay tuned!


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