The Orchard by Jeffrey Stepakoff

This isn't my usual book but it was for a group on Goodreads so I decided to read it and I liked the summary. It's more of a book that an adult would read.

Grace Lyndon is this determined and a bit obsessive worker. She has it all figured out. She goes everywhere to search new fragrances that are natural and the best to use on perfumes. She's working in Paris where her perfume is being launched but not with her name attached to it. Instead her boss gets all the credit. In walks Bill, an owner of a flavor company located in Georgia, and he is appealing to Grace's... hmm lets say want of recognition. He is giving her total creative control. She ends up going with his company. About (I think) 18 months later she's at her new job and the biggest account that has come by for the company is on Grace's shoulders. It's close to a billion dollar deal that can change the company forever. She nails it.

Dylan Jackson works on an Orchard (yeah I think you could have guessed that (; ) he is a single father who hasn't been able to move on but before this is all explained he is at an airport and thinks he sees... could he be her? He thought he saw his wife. He doesn't know why he thinks it's her but he goes after nonetheless. She leaves a scarf and there eyes meet but he couldn't get to her on time. Again 18 months later he is getting this call from this woman trying to buy his apple scent. Grace of course! She's not supposed to be calling him because she is supposed to be on a blind date but... she couldn't help it. She is a bit obsessive about her work and she smelled and tasted the best apple ever and she wanted the scent for it. They talked very naturally but he denies her request. Next thing you know it she's on the Orchard where she first meets Carter his daughter. She's an intelligent little girl that kind of acts like an adult sometimes. Her and Dylan meet and they stop because this feeling they are having for complete strangers can't be real.

This is a pretty good book. Carter is kind of weird to me at the end. She's way too excepting that he should move on. It's like she didn't care about her mom. I don't know why they had to be "intimate" if you know what I mean. Why would I want to read that? It was good throughout but it never was this really great romance. Some surprises and some disappointing ones as well. So over all it's an okay book.


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