The Lightning Thief: The Movie

Okay. Just to prepare you I'm going to rant and might go a little crazy so... I never thought I was one of those people. The people who go crazy when everything isn't perfect in a book turned into a movie. I did not watch this movie over again because I didn't want to torture myself. Others have watched this and not read the book. I kind of envy them if they can like it. I don't even think I would even like it if I didn't read the book. There are so many problems with this movie.

Ummm... There supposed to be twelve! Really? Really? They are no child actors at all!? The actors are okay but they are in there 20s. At least Annabeth's character is. I have the biggest problem with her. I can't really tell but I think she doesn't even have grey eyes which is the signature mark of all Athena children. If so I have this to say, "Really? You couldn't put contacts on. You are an actress! Get used to it." She looks like she has green eyes so... ): Also, Annabeth has blond hair!!!!!!!!!!! She doesn't even look like Annabeth! She's in her 20s, has the wrong eye color, and brown hair. Whoever cast her clearly didn't read the book. You are supposed to be marketing to those who have actually read the book. It is a fantastic book. Why do you have to change it? This is another problem but before I get into that I didn't even see Grover's picture before this book and when I did it was completely different to what Grover looked in the movie. I actually don't mind. He looks fine. I don't care if he isn't white. Also, there were too many known actors here. Basically everyone and it was overload. Percy annoyed me. He wasn't ever rude to his dad. He was unsure like his dad was of himself. It just got me so annoyed! Percy is not a brat. He's hilariously amazing! Oh yeah. I looked it up and she had blue-grey eyes... It doesn't look that bad. Sorry for that part. Not the hair part.
No. Just no.

Clarisse was not in the movie!!! What? I'm sorry but in a way Clarisse is kind of awesome. She needs to be in the movie and the book. She's the bully! We need the bully! Anyway she's not that bad. The Story line was off. They don't look for the pearls they are given to him. He's not even accusing Hades of stealing the lightning bolt!? I cant believe that. Ugh. I just really didn't like the movie. Here. I found this. It's the differences between the book and the movie. Some things are fine like taking out a not really productive or needed scene but other things that annoy me as well are on here. Annabeth doesn't even have the invisibility cap... The camp homes look horrible... ugh. No more. Here


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