Divergent: the cover

The cover of Divergent seems great but it's really just okay. The fire looks fake. I know that's weird to say but it just looks manufactured. Why fire anyway? I guess since everything is going downhill in their world. I mean... a war is coming on? I don't know. It reminds me of The Hunger Games poster which I will not be talking about here because I just really don't want to rant that long. I'll probably go into that later. The fire also might be a symbol of the factions or a faction but I don't remember one of them being a fire eye thingy. The city at the bottom actually looks real and the grey is a nice effect (stormy clouds) for two reasons. One that (expression?) a storms a brewing comes to mind and the clothes that the main character has to where in her faction. I will be posting my review on the book soon so stay tuned!


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