Cover Love: Waiting for Normal

Warning: I love book covers so I will have a lot of these. Cover Loves I mean. I'm describing the first book by the way as my Cover Love then I'm going to compare both covers. I originally thought that Waiting for Normal was about a teenager so it completely through me off when she was just a sixth grader. The reason I'm saying this is because the cover is part of what made me think that. When I read the summary and I saw the cover I assumed. The trailer also throws you off because in the story it sounds ugly. I actually just picked this book to read because of the cover. I kind of knew if the plot was even half way decent I was going to read it. The cover is beautiful. I love the color blue and the sky. It all calming. And the colors complement each other. You'll like the story too. It's sweet. The other makes it seem more for children. It's kind of more appropriate but I love them both. The book is coming soon so stay tuned! (I know that's only with television shows or radio but I don't know what else to say.) (:


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