Cover Love: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

Isn't this cover beautiful!? I love covers that are photographs. I love photographers. Every cover that has a picture are always fantastic.... usually. This one just nailed it on it's head. The splash of color on the bottom is perfect. The boots she wears are so hers. (The main characters) This book talks about punk rock and that means the cover has to emulate that but also the life of the character and this cover does just fine. (: I love black. It makes anyone wearing it look awesome so by default I kind of have to love this cover. Of course there has to be more than that and this cover has It. Check out my review on it coming really soon! I mean it. I already have it ready. It's a real good book.

*Edit* Ooops! Since I wrote it before Divergent it came out before it. Sorry about the confusion!


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