Bloom! A Little Book About Finding Love by Maria Van Lieshout

Summary: Bloom isn’t interested in playing in messy mud puddles with other pigs. She’d rather galavant among pretty flowers. Bloom LOVES flowers and other pretty things. She also likes attention. And when a beautiful butterfly, a “flying flower” wafts by, she falls head over heels in love. But she soon learns that attraction is fleeting, and friendship brings a deeper, more satisfying love.

Maria Van Lieshout deftly, gently portrays the true meaning of love and friendship in story and pictures that are perfect for readers of all ages. (Goodreads)

A sweet and simple book about a pig named Bloom falling in love. Bloom loves flowers and singing and dancing. She sees a flower in the sky (a butterfly) and falls in love but is quickly heartbroken when it flies away. The other pig in the story who's name is not mentioned and who loves muddy puddles does something to help make sure Bloom knows that they care about her. My only problem was that it was too short! (;

I'm going to put what I think about the cover because it pertains to the books art in the book. Usually I do a whole new post but not here. The art is simple but lovely. I love how it was painted. I don't know much about art but it seems that it was painted like with watercolors you used when you were a kid. I'm sure artists use them too. Lieshout actually wrote and did the illustrations for this book. She has other books that have the words a little book about. I'm sure there as sweet as this one.

They are: Tumble! A Little Book About Having It All, Peep! A Little Book About Taking A Leap, and Splash! A Little Book About Bouncing Back. She's also the author of Hopper and Wilson which came out a couple months ago. It looks very promising.


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