Shug: the cover

The covers of Shug by Jenny Han is one that makes you think of summer and fun. The lazy months and years of childhood. The original cover doesn't really give anything away and if you've read the book you see why it was the basis of the cover. It seems so inconsequential in the beginning because of how small a part it plays but by the end you realize what it means. It means something. Symbolism. It reeks of it. You won't know about why it's such a perfect cover for it till the end... Yes, I am trying to get you excited so you will read this book! I'll be doing these comparisons sometimes when I like or maybe even dislike a cover. So this is first of many.

The second cover in my opinion is the better out of the two. It tells you more of what is going to happen by just looking at it. You can tell she's a preteen and she's with a boy so obviously it's going to be about love. Then again it's not just about that. It's all colorful and pretty. The cover I mean. I ended up reading the book with the original cover but c'est la vie. It doesn't really matter anyway.

You may be wondering what are those other books doing there. Wrong title. Wrong author. Is this girl going crazy? Well no. I am not going crazy. I remember seeing the green ice cream cover before and when I saw Shug I remembered. The other reason I brought it up is the dates that both books came out were suspiciously in the same year! We seem to have a copy cat in our midst. Shug came out April 2006 while Skinny came out on September of the same year. But wait! The other Skinny cover that's red came out in 2004. So it seems Shug must of copied it! Especially since it is really similar to it. Or it could just be a coincidence...

Sorry for the rambling but there is a reason for it. I was just wondering about something which I often do. As you can see my mind wanders. So to the point. There was a time where a bunch of books with flowers on them came out at the same time. I wonder... do they do that on purpose? Do publishers get together or are they getting there ideas for book covers from the same people? Book covers are meant to be eye catching but also unique! So think out your covers and make them great publishers! Keep an eye on them authors.


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