Book on Her Mind Weekly Recap #10

I've been pretty lax on the blog for a while but I'm back in with a lot of new ideas and books I want to read and review. I've had very big changes in life that are kinda exciting but scary as well. I'm looking forward to reading, enjoying other bloggers blog posts, and basically going to back how I was in the beginning of my blogging life except less intense, more chill, and with a good amount of posts that I take my time on. 

If you are participating in the Sunday Post like I am link it down below. If not, I'd love to see a blog post/review you are really proud of/happy with. Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Currently Reading

I'm currently reading Let's Pretend This Never Happened. Guys it has been SIX years since I put this on my TBR list ya'll. I'm just happy I'm finally reading it but I got to finish it up already. Lawson has had a pretty crazy life so far and her father is a bit mad himself with his "hobbies." It's always interesting to read memoirs because you get a peek into someone else's life - for better or worse.
Challenge Updates
I've added three picture books to my goal of 10 picture books this year but really I've read about 12 or more since I've been teaching my cousin a couple of times a week. I'm planning on adding those later as I reread them so i can add the the exact date on Goodreads. I know I'm weird. I've also added Just Ella and One Hundred and One Dalmatians to my Kidlit challenge after realizing I hadn't added them way back when after I read them. I'm finally on Numbers for the Bible challenge. I have a long way to go before I get to Esther which is my goal for this year but I'm happy with getting to Numbers. I haven't been past Exodus before so yeah it's a big improvement. Last but not least I added Herding Cats by Sarah Anderson for the Graphic Novel and Manga challenge. I'm planning on reviewing it soon.

You can find the challenges I'm participating in here.

Last Week's Posts
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Took the colors from this post by cwote for my main image (:

So... I've been really bad with fitness and health for a while. My last race was back in September and I miss running. I've also had a difficult year emotionally and mentally. I'm not an optimistic person but I haven't been this negative about myself back to back. I've always been negative towards myself but I haven't realized how much I dislike myself in every aspect of who I am and I have a list of improvements I want to make as a person to make me feel more confident in who I am. It's a list that I've always had but the emotional battle I've put myself since mid/late 2017 has been astronomical. I had a good couple of months where I was out of that head space but I know that I'm just ignoring my problems so it is time to deal with them.

Basically, I need to get myself together, feel confident, and love myself. Fitness and running has always made me feel good about myself so I want to get back to recording how I'm doing each week like I did two years ago. I also have a set calorie goal that I won't post but I will post whether I meet it everyday or not. I'm a horrible eater like I will skip meals and not eat enough. I've never understood how people could eat so many calories but I do understand heavier people more than ever. I understand the struggle in reverse and it's a pain. My goal ultimately for the rest of 2018 is to be consistent eating, slowly add calories to my diet, and gain one pound. One pound would be great. In 2018 I plan to gain a lot more and put on some muscle.

Also, water intake is a must. I was so good at it before and I need to get good at it again. 

Goals for the next 4 weeks:

Strength training: 10 minutes - 3 times a week
Running: 0.5 miles in 5 minutes (ultimately want to run a 5k under 40 minutes)
Water Intake: 4 cups of water daily
Reach daily calorie intake

Last Week's Progress:

Strength Training: 10 minutes - 3 times (Yay!)

What I'm Doing for Now: 20 lunges - 20 squats - 20 incline pushups - 20 bicep curls - 10 tricep extensions on each arm - 10 shoulder press on both sides - 20 bent-over-rows

I'm using 5 lb weights for now until I get used to working out again. I also don't want to go crazy because I want to slowly add calories to my diet/gain weight.

New to Me Artists
Zak Abel has a gorgeous sound that reminds me of John Newman. He's also a national table tennis champion. Go figure.

I recently have been watching T.Reads. She's made me want to read more non-fiction. She has a chill vibe about her that I appreciate too.

Looking Forward To
I think everyone knows about this gem. I can't wait!!!

Food and Arts and Crafts
The Food: I've been horrible with food lately! I switched to being pescatarian which has been nice so I have a lot more options. I'm thinking of creating a dessert this week HP style - Pumpkin Pasties. I'll let you know how it turns out!

The Arts: I'm working on Draw-a-Box Lesson 1 Part 2: Ellipses. Ellipses are the hardest thing to draw! It's so simple but so difficult at the same times. I might post some images in the future.

Crafts: I've finished this fox pincushion craft! I did a horrible part stitching it. I forget the type of stitching I used to do the edges of the face but I was too impatient and bungled it up. Otherwise I'm happy I was able to finish a sewing project. I'll post pictures of it next week. Next I'm creating a book sleeve for my mom. I've only prewashed the fabric. We will see how far I get into it by the end of the week.

Around the Book World
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What are your plans this week? Do you have any goals you want to achieve this last half of 2018?