Sunday, December 11, 2016

Books on Her Mind Weekly Recap #5

I'm basically done with classes for this semester. I still need to turn one last thing and then get started freaking about student teaching. In other news, I did not read any of the books I had planned last week but I did read Drama. I also planned out some of the books I want to read in January. Have you noticed the reading challenges all popping up? I didn't want to join any this year but I've already been eyeing a couple to participate in next year. I never learn.

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Books Read

It's funny. I felt like I read more this week which is probably due to reading Something Borrowed with my mom.

Last Week on the Blog
Royal Reads/Finds

Reading Next

Mother Daughter Book Club

I've finished chapter ten now and I'm waiting for my mom to do the same. We had a discussion after chapter five and I was rooting for our main character but now she's just killing me. I'm shaking my head at her constantly. I just don't know how I'm going to feel at the end.

Reading anything good lately?


  1. Yay for classes being wrapped up. I think a lot are doing less reading this last couple weeks of the year. There's just so much other stuff to get into isn't there? Hope you're having a good one!

    1. Yep, I am especially looking at the books I want to read for next year.

  2. I am just waiting on my hold for The Fate of the Tearling to come in at the library!

    1. I have to reread the first book to continue the rest. I'm sure that hold list is really long which is the same with me and Fantastic Beasts.


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