Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 Monthly Recap

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This felt like the longest month ever! I started out strong reading twelve books the first two weeks of the new year. Then nothing for three weeks until today. I focused so much on my classes. I love the new ideas, strategies, and the professors I have this year. I'm going to be really busy now that I'll be going to an Elementary school and then to my University. I have classes Monday-Saturday so I'm going to be booked. I want to be a little more active on the blog and be friendly with new and old blogs. I also plan on working on being more active exercise wise in the month of February. For the month of January, I fell in love with my classes and Worst Cooks in America.

I want to make sure to see each month how I'm doing with my book and non-bookish resolutions/goals for the year so below describes how I did this past month:

My Book Resolutions 

  • Read more picture books ------- > I read one picture book

  • Read more graphic novels and mangas ------- > I read five graphic novels

  • Keep track of reading challenges ------- > I've kept track of my challenges on Goodreads. I need to work on keeping track on the blog.
  • Read non-fiction books ------- > I read one non-fiction book

My Non-Book Related Resolutions

  • Draw for fun again  ------- > I didn't draw! I plan to take the time to draw at least one thing.
  • Try learning how to crochet  ------- > I didn't work on this either. I plan on borrowing a beginner crochet book from the library.
  • Try your hand out at new recipes ------- > Another one I didn't get to. I have been writing down recipes I want to try.
  • Exercise and drink water regularly ------- > I stopped writing down my water intake but I have gotten back into jogging and walking. I am forced to walk to class every day so I get at least 3,000 steps a day. I'm going to start focusing more on the amount of time I walk, exercise, or jog.
  • Explore religion and pray ------- > I only read and wrote notes on three chapters! For shame. I prayed very minimally.
  • Take more pictures ------- > I took pictures mostly of myself.


  • Reading England Challenge ------- > 0/11 books read
  • Foodies Read 2016 ------- > 0/8 books read
  • I Love Picture Books Reading Challenge ------- > 1/25 books read
  • Royal Challenge 2016 ------- > 2/15 books read
  • 2016 Horror Challenge ------- > 1/5 books read
  • Retelling Challenge ------- > 1/4 books read
  • 2016 Graphic Novel and Manga Challenge ------- > 5/24 books read
  • NetGalley Reading Challenge ------- > 2/10 books read
  • Christmas in Winter ------- > 10/17 books read
  • 2016 Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge ------- > 2 books read
  • Around the World 2016 ------- > 4 books read
  • Goodreads Challenge ------- > 13/150 books read


  • Jan. 1st - 100 steps - Wasn't feeling well
  • Jan. 2nd - 5,123 steps
  • Jan. 3rd - 4,834 steps
  • Jan. 4th - 10,534 steps
  • Jan.5th - 2,750 steps
  • Jan. 6th - 6,053 steps
  • Jan. 7th - 10,636 steps
  • Jan. 8th - 5,080 steps
  • Jan. 9th - 2,173 steps
  • Jan. 10th - 4,801 steps
  • Jan. 11th - 10,014 steps - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.090 miles)
  • Jan. 12th - 10,029 steps - (Gym for 1 hour - Abs, Chest, Triceps)
  • Jan. 13th - 10,039 steps - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.097 miles)
  • Jan. 14th - 10,279 steps 
  • Jan. 15th - 10,065 steps - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.109 miles)
  • Jan. 16th - 4,400 steps
  • Jan. 17th - 49 steps
  • Jan. 18th - 4,400 steps - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.134 miles) (Strong, Lean, Toned Arms, Chest and Shoulders Workout - Lift Like you Mean It!)
  • Jan. 19th - 6,317 steps
  • Jan.20th - 4,024 steps
  • Jan. 21st - 4,410 steps
  • Jan. 22nd - 3,711 steps
  • Jan. 23rd - 1,820 steps
  • Jan. 24th - 1,561 steps
  • Jan. 25th - 3,925 steps
  • Jan. 26th - 9,162 steps
  • Jan. 27th- 4,308 steps
  • Jan. 28th - 3,741 steps
  • Jan. 29th - 4,660 steps
  • Jan. 30th - 4,271 steps
  • Jan. 31st - 4,607 steps - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.153 miles)

Total Steps Recorded: 167,876 steps
Average Daily Steps: 5,415 steps

Jan 2016 Fun MileJanuary 2016 5K

 Fun Mile: 
Jan. 11th - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.090 miles)
Completed on Jan. 11th
Jan. 13th - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.097 miles)
Jan. 15th - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.109 miles)
Jan. 18th - Jog/Walk 20 minutes (1.134 miles)
Completed on Jan. 18th
I probably completed my 10k too but I'm only counting the times I used my Couch Potato to 5k program. 

First Book of the Month

How was your January?
Have you all seen the cover of A Court of Mist and Fury?


  1. It looks like you're doing really well with being active. Just moving around is good for you! Yay for your challenges - personal or book related. Off to a pretty good start and hopefully the rest of the year will go well.


  2. That's good that you're loving your classes right now. It's tough to balance everything with school. Hope you enjoy The 5th Wave. I'm really curious about that one.

    1. I'll be reviewing the 5th Wave maybe later this February or March. I liked it but the romance was meh.

  3. January did feel prolonged; I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so. :)

    You know, I sort of fell into a reading slump towards the end of the month too. I'm still finding it difficult to stay interested in anything at all! It must have to do with January feeling drawn-out :/

    Congrats on your fitness goals! I'm trying to stay focused and commited with mine, but as I mentioned on my monthly wrap-up post, my lack of water intake is holding me back :P

    1. I think it was winter break and the break before school that really made it feel like such a long month. Now February feels like it's flying by. Sigh...

      I know you need to drink some more water! I do too. I try to as much as possible.


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