A Grimm Review: The Problem Child

Another day another review. So many exciting things happening. A couple moments will be in a reaction post so that should be fun. I probably have to extend this and I hope I don't. I'll probably just work on it on Saturday.

Grimm Characters

Sabrina gets kissed by Puck!!! And she goes all power hungry for magic. Of course she did. She was able to take control in the end and show us one of the reasons why we love her. She always ends up making the right decisions.
-Sabrina Grimm

Daphne disapproves of Sabrina's addiction with magic. She wholeheartedly agrees with Granny. She still bugs Charming about his love affair with Snow.
-Daphne Grimm

Granny again is mad at Sabrina but she also tells her how much she cares for her no matter what. She trusts her which I kind of don't get. She gets in trouble! She also lies about Mr. Canis being dead and she erases her sons memory from almost everyone. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Granny.
-Granny Relda Grimm
Mr. Canis is actually alive! But he fears he's turning more and more into the Wolf even admitting he didn't want Granny to tell the girls that he survived because he might need to kill himself. Yeesh! Tough subject.
-Mr. Canis

Elvis hardly makes an appearance! I can't really remember him being in this. So sad.

Charming is falling fast in love with Snow. Well, he always did care for her and in the end he defended the Grimms and his girl in front of the whole town making him lose the election. He proves to be a hero after all.
-Mayor William Charming

Mirror knows of Jake's existence which is nice. He's as helpful as always and even helps them solve the mystery of who the Blue Fairy is.

Puck kisses Sabrina and I just about died. He also messed with her face in this one but saved her life a couple of times. I love that he still likes her even though she has said bad things about the Everafters. Puckabrina! Whoot! Unfortunately he gets his wings ripped apart but the Grimms are taking him back to his home to save his life.

Sheriff Hamstead is around. He continues to defend the Grimms. He is a true friend.
-Sheriff Hamstead

Snow shows everyone how much she can handle the arrogant Charming and even with all his hatred towards the Grimms she's sees him for the good guy that he is and she is proven right in the end. He risks everything for her and I'm sure she approves.
 -Snow White

Uncle Jake is new in town. He has a pocketful of magic and gets Sabrina hooked but she makes the right decision in the end him on the other hand needed Sabrina to show him the light because he went a little magic power hungry there for awhile too.
-Jacob Grimm

Grimm Recipes

Homecoming Breakfast (Nothing weird added to the mix!)
"We're celebrating your return from the hospital, of course," Granny said as she served the girl a heaping spoonful of scrambled eggs, some sausages, a couple of pancakes, and a few slices of apple.
Sabrina took a bite and was surprised to find that it was actually real maple syrup and not some exotic concoction the woman had discovered in Kathmandu or Timbuktu or one of the other zillion places she had visited.

Baker's Donuts (Mouthwatering...)
Daphne bit into hers first and sank into her chair in a dreamlike state. "Oh...my...gosh," she mumbled with her mouth full."

She took a bite and couldn't believe how delicious they were. It was like biting into pure happiness. It was all sugar and butter and love.
"Good, huh?" Jake said with a wink.
Sabrina nodded, afraid that if she opened her mouth to talk, some of the experience might escape.

Blue Plate Special: Uncle Jake Style
"I'll have a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato," Uncle Jake said. "You still make those fantastic chocolate malteds?"

Blue Plate Special: Sabrina Style
"Cheeseburger, medium, cheese fries with a side of gravy, an egg cream and..."
"What'cha lookin' for, darlin'?" Farrah asked.
"Oh, I wish you had blueberry cobbler. There was a diner near our apartment that specialized in it. Most restaurants don't make it."
"Well, we do." Farrah pointed to the bottom of the menu. Sabrina could have sworn it hadn't been there before but at the end of the dessert list was BLUEBERRY COBBLER in black and white.

Blue Plate Special: Daphne Style
"I want chicken wings, some macaroni and cheese, and jalapeno poppers," Daphne said.
"Then for the main course, I want one of these overstuffed Reuben sandwiches with extra Thousand Island dressing, a side of tater tots, a black-and-white milkshake, and a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper.
"Save me a slice of cheesecake, too," Daphne added after she'd stuck out her tongue at her sister.

Anemone upside-down cake (Great for pool parties!)
"He bowed before the princess, took the lid off, and presented a bright pink cake with squiggly tentacles poking out of the sides."
"The princess took a bite out of the odd cake. Sabrina knew her grandmother would die to have the recipe."

BLT: Granny Style
"The girls finished their lunch of BLTs with something that tasted like bacon but felt like pudding, and then had rose petal cookies for dessert."

I WANT that donut! I also want me some chicken wings but who does Daphne think is paying?

Grimm Books

The Seven People You Meet in Oz
Cheap Eats in Wonderland
The Paul Bunyan Diet
Ozma of Oz
The Olive Fairy Book

Hall of Wonders


Hey! You already told us about crystal balls! And the Hall of Wonders must like to repeats itself because there was already a door with magical hats.

A Grimm Dictionary

"What does constipated mean?" Daphne asked.
Sabrina leaned over, cupped her hand around her sister's ear, and whispered the definition to her. The little girl steeped back and crinkled her nose.
"You're gross."

"What's incompetent mean?" Daphne asked.
"It means he's not good at his job," Sabrina replied.

"What does gob mean?" Daphne asked.
Sabrina shrugged, reached into her pocket, took out the wand, and aimed it at the sheriff.

"What does scorned mean?" Daphne asked her sister.
"It means she got dumped," Sabrina answered, then turned her attention back to her uncle.

Magical Items

Wand of Merlin
The Nome King's Belt
Evil Eye Drops
Curse B-Gone
Witch Hazel Repellent
Satin Surgeon's Salve-Now With Lemony Scent!
The Shoes of Swiftness

Grimm Moments

"Have you been practicing your warrior face?"
The little girl clenched her hands into claws, squinted her eyes, and contorted her mouth so that she looked like she was very angry, although her overalls with a kitten sewn on the front made it all a little comical.
"Very good," Snow White said. "I was very intimidated."

"Are you happy? You dragged me into this hero business against my will and now every time I turn around, I'm saving the day. Well, I hope you're happy. I'm a hero now."

Favorite Grimm Moment

Puck kisses Sabrina!!!

Another reaction post after this. There there will be a reaction to Puck's kiss. Well, Have A Very Grimm Week!

"We're Grimms, this is what we do."


  1. I love this post! Great job with the cast of characters. Loved the recipe and the dictionary. Too fun! Michael Buckley does a fabulous job weaving a fairy tale adventure. :)


    1. Thanks so much! i don't know what I'm going to do without him after this series is over.


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