Finally! I get to actually can read again! I haven't been able to read for about a week and a half. So I finally can get back to reading and my blog. So behind now it's ridiculous but know I will go into hyper mode. When I want to read I'll read a lot so expect a lot of reviews coming your way and something special next week.

This also means that I am so close to graduating! I'm pretty terrified in what college has in store for me. I am just so happy though that I'm done with my A.P. exams and I'm done with my senior project. My senior project btw is to create a business. I think you can all guess that the business I created was a bookstore. And you might be thinking that's so much fun! No. It took forever and it was demanding and it was horrible. I had to present in front of judges and I know now what I could have said but I'm done so I'm happy. Happy Reading Everyone!

Oh yeah. I won't be doing the picture books reviews on certain days because that's a little too much pressure on my part. I will still review them but not religiously on Wednesday.


  1. So close to finishing high school :D I've pretty much lost all motivation in these last few weeks as most of the big projects are finally over with (I only had one AP exam but it was such a relief to be done). Looking forward to seeing more of your reviews now that summer's coming :)

  2. I've heard so many people say that it's basically useless going to school now and have lost all motivation which I have as well. :P

    I had two AP exams but it was one class. It is a relief! Those people who do 7 are just plain crazy. Thanks so much and you too (: Congrats on almost graduating!


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