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What have I been up to...

Ugh. Sorry guys. Last week was bad for me. I just went home and fell asleep but not only that. I have this big project due. I've decided I'm not going to stress it so much anymore. Whatever happens happens. So sorry! I'll be a better blogger. It's just one of those weeks. I also had Grad Bash Saturday which was AMAZING! I stood in line for Harry Potter for 3 HOURS! So mad. I wanted to quit so many times and my friend was bothering me about it the whole time... it ended up being good but still.... Best time of my life! My mom was freaking out. I kind of hate it sometimes but this time I loved her for it. She's such a mom.... Now I'm back with the last bit of the Socialpunk Blog Tour... the interview! Plus I actually read Zero a week ago and will post the review soon. Sorry again guys.