Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK by Betsy St. Amant

Released: January 1st 2012
Addison Blakely is a PK. After seeing the words PK mentioned oddly in two books I've read in the past couple of weeks I have finally discovered what it means! Yay for me! It means preacher's kid. She does everything for her father (well that's how I see it) while he's always away doing something for the church. She gets to cook him dinner three days out of the week, worry about his health, and maintain the image hat is the PK by getting the best possible grades, choosing the right choices, and overall being perfect.

Then comes in Wes who she has been obsessively stalking. He is the brooding-leather-jacket-motorcycle-riding-get-away-from-my-daughter type of person. He's always around poodle girl as she likes to call his "girlfriend" and they are sure to be making out but Wes has caught Addison's eye and maybe he actually might like her.

Luke is the boy your mother and father would love to meet. He's always sweet to Addison but she has her eyes on Wes. Marta is a foreign exchange student who she deems a Godsend since she's always there and gives her great ideas unlike her best friend who ditches her. Now her EX-best friend.

So who will Addison pick? And what will she do when her holier than holy father starts humming and smiling everywhere since he's been going on dates with someone too close for comfort? And is she really as close to God as she is supposed to be?

YES! What am I saying yes to? I am saying yes to this book and how completely hard I fell for it. Addison for one really needs to cut down on the sugar because she's going to go in a sugar comatose one of these days. She was a bit of a pain... not pain pain. I mean she always attacked Wes on everything he did and I thought the author was trying to make him be the bad guy and say that he was so wrong in every way. It was frustrating. But then I liked that about the book. I liked that I didn't know what was going to happen and I'm staring at my screen thinking ummm.... how do I not know how this is going to end yet!? when I'm so close to finishing. This book made me really just think and keep wondering and I loved it for that.

Now I said that I thought the author was making Wes seem like a really bad guy but I was gung ho for Luke because dude... he is totally into you and he is a sweetheart. At the end it could have gone to anyone really especially since Luke is pretty much perfect. Marta, her friend I was talking about earlier, is a foreign exchange student from Germany and I felt it was so unreal when reading Ja from her all the time. I'm like what is this!? It took me awhile but I warmed up to her. And I was looking at it from her point of view and I would have thrown something at Addison a long time ago because she's ALWAYS having a crisis. And I felt Addison a little bit selfish because it was always about her but then I think I'm being too nitpicky because duh! self look at the title. Still think it sometimes.

Her father.... I kind of know the horribleness that is overprotective parents. I really loathe it because I feel like I can never really do anything. My life feels like it's not really started and I feel like such a loner especially with reading all the time and people saying oh she reads all the time. Why do you read all the time? Answer: I. Like. Reading. So I felt like I can relate to her in more than one aspect.

The God part was interesting. It was odd when she was talking about it. So.... sure. But with God everything is easy except when you get into the details. Details like how I could never believe in Purgatory, how people who are religious think my ideas are wrong (I know what they mean when you can't interpret/shape the message or the Bible of how you want it. I understand that but then if I don't believe some things it doesn't mean I don't believe at all), and more importantly the religious people or people in general who think being gay is wrong. It's none of your business. It isn't your life. God loves everyone especially since they love. Your the one hating. I think he would prefer those who love. I have yet to find a book with details like this including this one. I wish I could find someone struggling with the details not the main concept. I except God not so much the other parts...

So in the end this book was fantastic. As you can tell by this really long review that I enjoyed it and it made me think about God which I've been trying to find more in books. So I'm pretty content right now. Oh! When she made her realization in the end... it was perfect. I wanted to cover my mouth too. Addison Blakely won me over. This book is HIGHLY recommended.