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If you are an author or publisher I would love to hear from you! If I like the book summary I will contact you and if I don't like it I'll get back to you even though I haven't done this in the past. I've thought about it and it's common courtesy to do so.

What genres/types of books do I read?

I'll read almost anything if it sounds good. I usually go for according to Goodreads and me Children's Books, Contemporary Books, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Science fiction (especially dystopians and post apocalyptic), Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult, Memoirs, (some) Christian Fiction, (some) LGBT books, YA Sports, and Graphic Novels. Mostly I will read and review Middle Grade reads and Young Adult books with some smatterings of Adult books.

What genres/types of books do I not like to read?

Generally if the summary doesn't pique my interest I won't read it or want to read it. I DON'T read erotica books.

Author Events

If you are planning on hosting a giveaway, have an interview, or blog hop I would gladly take part in it if I am able and again if the book interests me. I have to be able to read the book before any author events.

My Reviews

I will be honest. If I don't like it I will say so. I have in the past felt pressured to rate the book better but that won't be happening again. If I honestly love the book you will know it and I will try my hardest to get the word out. 

How Can You Contact Me?

You can message me through twitter and Goodreads (information on About Me page). You can also e-mail me at I will try to get to you as soon as I can. I check my e-mail at least once a week if not more.

Thanks for considering me to showcase your book. I really appreciate it. I am excited to work with you and read some great books!


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