#FitReaders: January 30th 2015 Check-In

#FitReaders: I didn't do so well last week but I killed it most of this week. I made sure to add 0.100 mi. every time I ran/walked this week. It was tough because it was cold this week. Also, I keep on stopping basically on Saturdays and that effects a few days after that. I don't know how not to do that.

Fri/Jan. 23rd:
1.2 mi. walk/jog/run - 19 min. 48 sec.
Upper Back, Arms, and Chest Workout - 23 min.
Intense Abs and Cardio Workout - 12 min.
Restorative Yoga Pilates Workout - 13 min.
60 oz of water
Thoughts: I felt the regret of not working out regularly really quickly into my run. The ab workout did nothing for me. I think I'll just stick to Blogilates for ab exercises because I always feel something with her.

Sat/Jan. 24th:

1.3 mi. walk/jog/run - 20 min. 7 sec.
Cardio and Total Body Toning Boot Camp - 14 min.
Fluid Yoga Stretches for Flexibility and Strength - 15 min.
36 oz of water
Thoughts: I'm doing too much cardio and not enough strength training. I need to keep that in mind later this week.

Sun/Jan. 25th:

1.4 mi. walk/jog/run - 22 min. 4 sec.
Express Calorie Blaster - 10 min.
Tank Top Arms Workout - 25 min.
44 oz of water
Thoughts: It was cold outside so I could feel the cold in my throat as I ran. It wasn't very fun but I'm keeping great time. It looks like I'll be going for 2 miles by the end of January. I realized that I need to up my weights. I've just been using 5 lbs weights which was fine before but it doesn't do anything for me now. I can also do pulses if I feel like the workout is too easy.

Mon/Jan. 26th:

1.5 mi. walk/run - 20 min. 58 sec.
HIIT Cardio Sweatfest - 30 min.
Better Posture Workout - 17 min.
34 oz of water
Thoughts: I felt fantastic today! It was still cold out but not as bad as yesterday. I blasted through my workouts. Although, I wonder if I'll feel sore tomorrow at all. I feel like soreness validates my efforts. I've noticed I haven't been drinking that much water which I want to change soon.

1.6 walk/run - 23 min. 13 sec.
Upper Body Split Workout - 42 min.
EXTREME Abs Workout - 12 min.
58 oz of water
Thoughts: It was cold again but I felt good running. The Ab workout was hell. I don't know how people have defined abs. It feels like I'm killing my insides.

Wed. Jan. 28th:

10 min. walk
36 oz of water
Thoughts: I'm feeling a pattern. I don't do anything on Wednesdays and then it goes in the next few days. It's annoying.

Thur. Jan. 28th:

15 min. walk
40 oz of water
Thoughts: Again nothing much but I do have class all day.

How did you do this week?


  1. Cheers to you for doing a wonderful job this week! You're making a great effort to fitting in a variety of exercises into your busy schedule! I'll have to check out some of those videos. :)

    1. Yeah, I finally found out that I should have a routine and rest day. I'm sure February is going to be an even better month than this one (:

  2. Great week of exercise. Way to go. Especially with that super cold weather.

    1. Well it was cold for me.. Around 50 degrees haha (: But I'm used to it being really warm.

  3. Wow! Your workouts look awesome!

    1. They are pretty fun and difficult at the same time.

  4. Looks like you are getting in a lot of workouts and exercise on the days that work for you and then still getting in some when you have class. Good for you! Keep up the great work. :)

    1. Thank you! I've been pretty good at keeping up with my workouts but I've set up a routine now so I think I'll do even better and not kick myself for having a rest day.

  5. Wow...great week! I need to add strength-training to my workout regiment. Lately all I've been doing is walking. I also need to get back to yoga - I'm so bad at remembering to stretch, so at least with the yoga, I feel like I get that in! I'm going to have to check out the links you gave for your workouts - thanks for sharing!

    1. I've been having to stretch more and more lately because I know if I don't my soreness will last longer. Yoga is daunting for me. I hear it's tough.

  6. Good week :)

    I always drink too little :/

  7. You did great this week! I did horrible. Hopefully next week I will get back into being more physical. :)

    1. That's okay. I did horrible last week. I'm sure you'll find a balance (:

  8. Great job this week and I love your new image for the post! I need to drink more water but at work I get so busy I forget to stop for a drink. I really need to start that tank top arms workout (that's one of my problem areas). Keep up the great work and have a nice week!

    1. Thanks! I got it from this tumblr site. Arthlete I believe.
      Arms, abs, and back are areas I need to work on. I'm always working on my legs mostly but I need to find a balance.


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