Have You Smelled A Good Book Lately?

In which I tell you about all I've been doing this past month and I explain this title - in parts.

Part 1: The Vlogbrothers

First of all Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it and I hope anyone who celebrated Hanukkah had a great eight days!

I started this post off in a way that the Vlogbrothers would do it. I wanted to watch at least the first year of the Vlogbrothers who are two brothers who make youtube videos every Tuesday and Friday. I was only able to watch 6 months of the first year which was called Brotherhood 2.0. I'd recommend watching the first episodes to compare. It's so crazy when they start discovering things that is incorporated into the now Vlogbrothers like Nerd Fighters and Decreasing World Suck. If you start watching them you will be addicted by their awesomeness. This time of year actually they get people to post a bunch of charities they want to give money too. The Vlogbrothers then figure out the top charities by views or likes and split that money between those charities. They have massive amounts of money donated to them (almost $500,000) and you can donate on their website and watch a bunch of people campaign for their charities.

Part 2: Hallmark

I'm a very sappy person so I've recorded and watched a ridiculous amount of Hallmark Christmas movies. I have yet to watch my favorite which is Silver Bells. Photographer boy feels oppressed by his father so he runs away in New York City. One year later a bunch of wonderfully sappy things happen. My mother hates it because I feel like the boy is justified in running away while she doesn't... understandably. A new one that I love this year is A Bride for Christmas. Girl gets engaged three times but can never walk down the aisle. Boy makes bet he can get this girl and of course falls in love. All of them end in happy endings of course which is a nice change of pace of all the sad books where somebody usually ends up dying or they have to deal with some major issue in their life. Anybody else out there love sappy Hallmark movies?

I'm doing a Born Bookish with this whole holiday movie available for you.

Part 3: Books Read and Reviewed

I've been itching to get back to the blog. I've got about a week and a half posts scheduled not including this one because I wanted to add some things. I've read... about 5-7 books. I've only reviewed three though. Most of my posts from here on till January will be about how the whole year went. From challenges I'm taking on to books I'm excited to read for 2013. Lots to reminiscence about. I don't want to say what I've read but I'm sure you can figure it out on Goodreads. I'm just happy that I picked out the perfect first book to review in the New Year as well as the perfect first book to read. I actually spent less time reading and more time sleeping and watching t.v. which was really really nice but I will be changing some things in 2013 which you will be able to read about in later posts that will make me be around more and less lazy. I have updated the blog a little but I still need to update the Reviews section of the blog which I will do tomorrow. I've missed everyone so much and I haven't made that many comments on blogs but I will be going to everyone's blog from now on as much as I can.

Part 4: Today

It's Christmas! As I'm sure you are aware of so... I've gotten some books. I got Two Truths and A Lie from the mom. It's the continuation of The Lying Game Series that I've fallen in love with. I am planning on getting the next book as soon as I finish this one. I also got The Complete Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson from my brother's friend which I'm starting to consider a friend. Not for the gifts. It's because she's just fun to talk to. I'm impressed by my brother's friend' choice.
I also got a bunch of other things and I love them all! My mom got me two princess movies, I got a planner (yes!) where there is plenty of space to write book and to do lists which is a thing I do all the time (from the same friend), I got a beautiful Mary that looks so pretty with my Joseph, the perfect video game from my brother (Cooking Mama 3), I got some pajamas for the first time, and some necklaces. I've already played three hours of Cooking Mama.

They are all so pretty! XD
I'm honestly so grateful for all the people in my life who care about me enough to think to give me anything and in general for being in my life. I've got the best brothers and the best mom ever! I love being so close with my tias, tio, and cousins. I've got a pretty great family that's coming to my house pretty soon to eat some great pork and black rice and beans. My mom also made this three layered coconut cake and flan. I hope all of you are having as great a Christmas (or just day) as I am right now.

Part 5: What's Up With That Title?

Have you by the way? Smelled a good book lately? I haven't in a long time until I got in the mail an actual signed copy of Powerless by Matthew Cody. I won it from The DMS Files. I've never won anything so to win that after a couple of days of winning an ebook (The Magic Warble) from the same blog made me do a form of my happy dance (see Vlogbrothers videos to know what I'm talking about). It's actually signed! Sometimes authors just have it printed on there but it is not. It is fantastic:

I'm happy I'm back! I'm glad I am able to say that and mean it. I don't think I'll ever again be able to take a month off because I was getting a little anxious there. 2013 is going to be the greatest year for books and blogging. Rest, have fun, eat lots of food, and have a very merry Christmas!