Haunted Week: Beware of Book Review

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First of all Happy Halloween! It kind of snuck up on me there. This is the last of Haunted Week. I skipped one because I seriously couldn't find anything good to put for it (ending quotes for books). So for Haunted Week I will be leaving you with an albeit not terrifying book at all but it's still a rather amusing vampire book.

Title: Vamped
Author: Lucienne Diver
Series: Vamped Book #1
Format- Paperback
Published: May 8th, 2009
Publisher- Flux
Pages- 231
Source- Library

Gina Covello, one of the most popular girls at school, is dead. That's what everyone thought except maybe her killer who happens to be a total geek. After a questionable and hazy memory lapse Gina realizes how she can wake up and be in a coffin with no heartbeat. She must be a vampire. Vampirism comes with a couple of perks, superhuman strength and eternal youth, but also a major pitfall. No reflection which means she can't see if she looks good. At least she can try to be a vampire with style while falling for her geek sire. Even if her geek of a sire has suddenly gotten some taste in clothes and some good looks she makes sure he works for her attention. 

Geek boy, Bobby, might not be as plain as he may appear to be. His heroics and good morals may be a drag but his extra powers have caught the eye of a power hungry vampire whose goal is to take out the council of vampires with his help. Gina gets dragged along with him. She may act like a total ditz but she uncovers some secrets even the big bad vampire doesn't know. With the enemy's right hand man coming to her with questions, being forced to live in a place just like high school (archnemesis and all) and the looming threat of war Gina Covello is up for the fight of her life while making sure she looks good doing it too.

I can't help liking this book cover. It maybe be totally vain like Gina could be sometimes but it's simple and pretty in its own twisted way. Now you may be thinking how this book sounds so... well vain. The popular girl becomes a vampire and her attitude comes with her. I know I know but it's not supposed to be taken seriously. It was supposed to be a fun, quick read which it was. I had to give you some Halloweenish book today. It's like required.

Gina is this itty bitty thing that already knows that Bobby is her sire which I don't remember getting an explanation of but it's basically the person who created you and apparently you are attracted to them even if you didn't like them before. She wakes up in her coffin and has to claw her way out of there. She seems less unfazed than I would ever be only because I would be screaming bloody murder and probably would wake the dead. She does the hand on hip and flippy hair thing whenever she is angry. She cares way more about her looks than about being one of the undead. She takes to the whole vampire thing fairly quickly even if she doesn't know what she's doing. She's everywhere; she's a mess.

She also becomes a central part of a new war being raged on in her midst with the soldiers being her high school classmates. Those classmates get a bad and suspicious first impression when she meets them which forces her to slightly change my view of her because she becomes more... I don't know... she just starts to learn some things and care about someone other than herself as well as becoming a bit of a fighter although she's a clumsy one compared to the other kids who've gotten more training in than her.

Bobby is less in this book than I would have thought he should be. He's the guy with crazy amounts of power that is being used in all of this. I don't know why he wanted Gina as his. They seem to be too complete opposites but I guess he likes bossy, tough girls. Again with the... not instalove... but the connection these two have for each other right away... I find it just plain weird. I just don't see it. Anyways he's deeply devoted to Gina and makes sure she's safe but not in that annoying macho way guys like to do in other books and most likely real life. I would have liked more of him and them together because I wanted to see more of a connection that I can fathom plus he's a nice guy with cool powers. How can you beat that?

Melli, the bad vampire, doesn't care who she has to hurt to get what she wants. She wants control of what the council has - power. She is incredibly annoying and I cannot stand her. She bugs me for some unknown reason. She's a pain but all she does is be mean. I don't know what it's about her because I don't usually just get bugged by my villains but there she is. She has power of her own to make people follow her. Her sidekick, Conner, always looks furious whenever she orders him around and Gina finds out fairly quickly that he wants out. He's always ignoring her and I have a bad feeling about those two. If she likes Conner over Bobby I'm going to kill her (all over again). He's the type of guy girls get all moony over and then they ignore the girls and the girls continue to act like fools. Hopefully nothing will happen with those two.

I would say that this was what I intended it to be, a fun, quick read. Gina was an amusing character to follow around and to see what she got herself into. I did end up liking her because I took her for who she was. I know how she was going to be and she entertained me and warmed me over to her side. This was a nice read. I might not be reading the rest of the series but for those who just want those adjectives that I keep repeating for this book then I would check this book out.


  1. I haven't heard of this one- but it does sound fun! Great for this time of year. :)


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