Cover Reveal: Reaction by Jessica Roberts

Reaction is the sequel of Reflection. A book I have sadly not read yet. I loved the last cover so I am excited to share the sequel's cover with you guys! I really wish more title fonts were as whimsical and pretty as this one. I can't say that I think it's better than the last book's cover but it's still pretty beautiful. The blur of the background works well to accentuate the girl in the front. I wonder if the key is supposed to mean anything...

Release Date: November 6th 2012

Spoilery if you haven't read the first book!

I've previously had that in my life, but only once, briefly, a while ago. It was during the time I started my first year of college. My own apartment, a new old car, and a life free of deadbeat stepfathers,  all of which was fulfilling enough. But if it wasn't, I also had a best friend, soul mate, and boyfriend all in one. Yes, life was near perfect.
But one stormy night can change everything...
For many months I rested in a prolonged sleep, fighting for my life. Well, more than fighting for it, also dreaming of it. Dreaming of him. Thank goodness, the dream is over and I'm back in the real world now. And all I want is for everything to return to the way it was. But nothing's the same; most of all, us.
Once again, I find myself at the crossroads of a ruthless battle, this time not for life, but love. Do I fight for the guy I twice fell for, or do I let her take him away?"

So what do you think of the new cover and summary?


  1. I like this cover, but I like Reflection cover more. I have no idea why! :)
    Don't worry about posting author's bio and all that the cover is the most important :)
    Thanks for stopping by

    1. Well that's good to know. Thanks!
      Hmm... I think the other book is more whimsical
      looking like she was actually in a dream.

  2. It sounds interesting and the cover is pretty though not spectacular.

    1. I thought the same. You should check out the other cover.
      You can just by clicking the link.

  3. I agree, the blurred background works well to bring our attention to the girl. Though I have to say I liked the first cover better.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so
      because I was conflicted on whether or not I
      should say anything.

  4. I agree with you about the font- it caught my eye. The book sounds interesting and I think it is a book that I might like. I haven't seen the cover of the first one (at least that I know of).

    1. I think you would probably prefer the other cover but this cover is great too!
      Just read a post about brown haired girls and how they are thought of as uglier or not liking themselves in books so it's good to see a cover with a brunette and not a blond.


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