Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

Piper doesn't speak up, she blends in but one day the band Dumb who just won the Battle of the Bands are playing outside school on the steps so she has to stop. It doesn't mean she's listening because she can't. She's deaf. She can hear the vibrations and with some equipment she could hear some but that's about it. Then she goes and actually tells them her opinion and she's thrust upon the job of manager. A paying gig in a month. How's she going to be able to pull off this?

Her mother is working full time now and her father has to stay at home taking care of her little sister. Her little sister who can now hear after some expensive equipment out of her college money. I would have been so pissed off if my parents did that to me especially since her father never learned sign language and she was hoping she'd have this connection with her sister. But also because it's like they mainly her father think there is something wrong with her. Like her little sister can be fixed so they had to do something even if the cost comes from the daughter with the disability.

I could shake that man. A lot of heartache came from him. He ends up proving himself so I forgive him. Sort of. Her mother isn't really any better. I mean she had to learn sign language before because both her parents were deaf but she denies her ability to really do anything with the band Dumb. Her brother... I really liked Finn. He is actually a good guitarist. Piper underestimates him. She's definitely over older sistering him throughout but she also deeply cares about him so of course she does. Finn has some secrets so no wonder she's worried. Finn is pretty sensitive to me and sweet. Not that he is like overly sensitive or anything just has his moments that let you know that he is not simple.

The members of the band Dumb on the other hand might be simple minded. There is originally three. The lead is a very pompous boy who thinks the world centers around him. He treats one of the other members like dirt. He's right that that person isn't a great musician but seriously... why do you have to be...mean? So I pretty much stayed away from him in my mind. His name is Josh and his brother Will is this ridiculously silent guitarist that doesn't really care and acts like it. Tash, this angry looking green haired girl, acts like she doesn't care but actually does. Kallie is a later addition and she's basically the eye candy that gets thrashed a lot in this book. Piper really doesn't like her but you found out later why. Ed is this chess player with Piper and he really sucks but I wonder why he keeps playing? He's this amazing drummer and complements the band well even though his style is a bit nerdy.

On to Piper. Piper is this quiet girl supposedly. She's actually very well spoken and gets the job done. She just needs to put her foot down. She does mess up sometimes like with her brother Finn. She does want to just give up sometimes but I think she doesn't say anything because she wants prove to her parents she can do it as well as herself. See she's all alone now since her friend moved away but it's kind of good because she becomes her own person. That's what this book is mainly about. Overcoming the odds, embracing your differences, and just showing everybody that you can do whatever the hell you want. Music books are just making me love them because it's about the music too. They are a great genre? to get into. So absolutely loved this book. Beyond worth buying, borrowing, whatevering. It's funny, insightful, fun, and touching. This could be your next favorite book.


  1. Fabulous recommendation. I love the name Piper and everything you wrote makes this sound like a book I would enjoy- it could be my next favorite book. I have added it to my list. THANKS!

  2. Loved this book! And it's the kind that would've fallen under my radar but I'm glad I saw some convincing recs for it. It felt like something that no one else had really done before, and the romance was so cute. Her relationship with Finn was so nuanced and well-written. I can't wait to read Antony John's next book, it looks awesome...

    1. What Elemental? It's so different from what he did here. e's a great author if he can go from one genre to another with no problem but I like the sounding of this book better.

      I love Finn and how he was this minor character that she mentioned and was worried about sometimes. I loved what a fantastic character he turned out to be.


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