Once Upon A Crime by Michael Buckley

Puck is hurt so the Grimms, Mr. Canis, and even Hamstead are going to his home, Faerie. What the Grimm sisters don't know is that Faerie is actually in New York and that their mother is known for helping them out which doesn't sit well with Sabrina. She can never escape the Everafters. Later on she says something that can change her life forever.

Meanwhile they see that Faeries is dismantled. What's left of it is a hubbub of eclectic Everafters in the Golden Egg, a hangout for the Everafters. Soon they are knee deep in trouble. There is murderer on the loose. I honestly couldn't really remember who the murder was in this book which is god. I like when I'm kept guessing.

Puck again is the bane of Sabrina's existence even when he's hurt. He is in disgusting cocoon and he follows her around. That doesn't sit well with Moth, another fairy that's relationship with Puck could get complicated.

Again Sabrina just kills me in this one. She's such a pain. I guess I shouldn't blame her. I guess not everyone would want to solve mysteries and be around fairy tale creatures. She's crazy. She does discover things about her mother. They all do. Hamstead meanwhile is falling in love but worries what his new love's reaction would be when she finds out he is an unemployed pig. Things are starting to pick up. Not saying that it was ever down but more Scarlet Hand people are coming out of the wood work. Things are going to get interesting when they come back home.