A Grimm Reaction: The Problem Child

Hey guys! I have a couple of Grimm moments for you and my reaction t them. I even have my favorite moments which was Puck kissing Sabrina! Enjoy.

"Is it Jake? Is it so hard to see after everything that has happened? Your father is dead because..." Granny Relda stopped in mid sentence and there was a long silence between the two.
"You don't have to tell me why dad is dead," Uncle Jake said.
"I'm the one who killed him."

Basically my reaction was shock. 

"Oh, stop being such a baby. Of course we care about you. Everyone cares about you," Sabrina said.
"You care about me?"
"Don't let it go to your head, gasbag."
"You're in love with me! I knew it!"
"You want me to be your boyfriend, don't you?" Puck taunted. His wings suddenly popped out of his back and he swooped over to Sabrina. Before she knew how to react, the boy kissed her on the lips. A million thoughts ran through Sabrina's head at once. Puck was annoying. He had dumped her in vats of disgusting glop. He'd put creepy crawlers in her bed. But the awful thought of them all was the one about the kiss--it was nice.

Reaction: HAPPINESS!!!!!!

"I know what I want, Uncle Jake," Sabrina said.
Uncle Jake smiled and gave her a wink. "Make it count!"
"Uncle Jake, you're smart, you've got a great family, and you're a Grimm," Sabrina said. "I wish that deep down you had always known how much power that gave you."
Uncle Jake looked strange. His eyes began to well with tears and then the school began to rumble.

When Jake started tearing up I just was dying.


That's it for my reactions. Sheesh. So much emotion. Well see you guys later. Have A Very Grimm Week!