Banished by Sophie Littlefield

Hailey Tarbell lives in Gypsum, Missouri. Her house being close to Trashtown where the Morries live. There people who are dirt poor and  look it too. They keep close together. And she feels drawn to them but doesn't know why...

Hailey lives with her Grandmother, Chub (a four year old she adopted as her little brother), and Rascal the dog. Her Grandmother is a mean old thing. She smokes and drinks, does nothing for Hailey and she sells drugs from her house. She had this hope... somehow maybe she could love her but no. She could never especially after she finds out she's been keeping secrets from her. How her mother really died, why Dun (a druggie) looks at her like that, and who she really is.

After an accident in gym class everything starts to unravel. She's a Healer and a good one too. She's never had to practice. She never needed to know anything... well she did actually break a cardinal rule. The only rule you should never break. Doing something unforgivable... An unknown woman to her, Prairie, comes to take her, Chub, and Rascal away while men are chasing her down but how would they knew who she was when she just found out herself?

This book was like a Hallelujah moment. It came to me and I couldn't be happier. It was like it was sent specifically for me. I've always wanted to read a healer book and I finally did! Did not see the whole rascal thing coming I can tell you.

Hailey had no one really. I mean the Morries had each other and they always stayed away from her which I can see why but she can basically save your life so I would say it's worth it to be her friend. Hit my head. HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP! All healed now! YES! I'm not going to die! See? Worth it.

I just wanted to grab Chub and hug him! He's a bit slow and oh so adorable! Also didn't expect what happened to him but I should have realized earlier. They basically told you plainly.

Ugh. The Grandma. I hope I wouldn't act that way if I was in her situation. I would probably be angry with the world too. I wonder why she wasn't a Healer too...?

The ending: :O! Loved it! So many possibilities and then I read the second book Unforsaken's summary and found out there is going to be romance! I kind of wish it was with the Morrie who was nice to her. I'm sure the author is not going to just let that slide. She's definitely going to go back to Gypsum. It's going to go down there. And then there are still so many questions lurking inside my head... like why are they called the Banished? What exactly did they do to get that nickname? Great YA book! So excited for Unforsaken!