Monday, February 20, 2012

The End of Her

From A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley

She's sitting on the hill
Hoping for a day
When her dreams don't hit the road
She's throwing rocks and yelling
At the sky and at the weather
She's yelling at forever
That's been breathing on her neck

She can't start with him again
He's got the end of her ocean
And he can't give her her

He's staring where she sat
It's the plastic that reminds him
Of something that they had
He says, "I'd give up sex forever
If she'd say we're back together"
But he's making promises he knows
It'd kill him them both to keep

She can't start with him again
He's got the end of her
He can't give her ocean
And he can't giver her her

I consider this Rose's song. I know Charlie sings the blues but her this as a country song and I've got in the back of my head You and I by Lady Gaga. I think  it's the beat. But then it also randomly sounds like Miranda Lambert singing too. And Billy Joel's Lyrics She Got Away About Her. It's a crazy mess I have going on in my head.

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