Royal Reading Challenge

The Royal Reading Challenge is a 2019 reading challenge where you read royal themed books. It is hosted @ She's Got Books On Her Mind.

*I've added the link for only a month. If you add your sign up post in the comments I'll add your link afterwards. 

Gasp! I'm bringing back the Royal Challenge I created back in 2016. I added "reading" into the name which I think looks better. I created my Pick-a-Theme Challenge for 2019 and while I was doing so I started thinking about my other two challenges. I know someone does a challenge like my past Reading Road Trip challenge so I didn't think it would be a good idea to bring that one back but my royal challenge is something I've never seen anyone else do. I love reading stories with princesses or corrupt kingdoms. I know there are a lot of historical stories on real life royalty which could be interesting to read about as well. So why not? 

Read books that have a royal theme.

Examples: Books that center around anyone with a royal title (Prince, Princess, Queen, Duke, etc.), knights, castles, kingdoms, or heroic quests. 

  • You can read any type of books for this challenge. Picture books, graphic novels, manga, and audio books are allowed in this challenge.
  • Re-reads are allowed as long as you don't use the same book twice.
  • You may join whether or not you have a blog. You can join through Goodreads, twitter, or any other appropriate site. 
  • Every month there will be a wrap-up post available. You can add reviews, discussions, and view other readers progresses through that post. If you want you can just comment what you've read as well. 
  • You can use books you've read for other challenges for this challenge. 
  • Knight: 1-3 books
  • Baron or Baroness: 4-6 books
  • Earl or Countess: 7-9 books
  • Duke or Duchess: 10-12 books
  • Prince or Princess: 13- 15 books
  • King or Queen: 15+ books


  1. I completed my Queen status by reading 15 Royal books for the challenge. I haven't been able to find these link-up posts to share progress as I went along.


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