Librarians Can Be A Piece of Work

My day started off getting up at six to go volunteer selling some things with a club I have in school which will go back to the school because we are awesome. Then I go to the library. I'll try not to curse so here it goes.... I ask this lady if they had Tom Sawyer. I checked but they may have it somewhere else. So she proceeds to take like five minutes to find the book and she comes empty handed. It's supposed to be there but it isn't. That's fine. She continues to look dumb founded at the computer. And proceeds to waste my time. She has done this before trying to help me but by the look on my face then and now I don't really want to talk anymore/ it's fine I'll check back later. I don't say anything because I'm just like that.

Then since I left my ID I can't check out my book which I'm disappointed but I can do the self check out. But the WA she says it pisses me off. I'm trying to ask her if she can look for a book for me that I had on hold. She's there arguing me with that FACE of hers... While I'm trying to ask her a question but she not explaining it right so I'm getting pissed off. If she said it in a nice way and let me FINISH MY SENTENCE I would be fine. But no.... Then she finally explained that she couldn't look it up because I didn't have my ID. (I didn't have my card. I had the number written down because I still can't find the card after three weeks. Each time I had to bring my ID but I left it this time.) I checked out most of my books but my dad got some so I couldn't check out the last three because the limit on the machine I guess is ten. I put back the books on the hold shelf and found the other book there. It was small but I missed it. A simple mistake but they could have found in a second if she want looking for it. And then I get red. I HATE when people make me feel like shit. Then I rant at my dad while he tries to explain that's ow some people are. They always heard the word no. Now I'm going to have to come back there later and you bet I'm not going to go with her. May I Help You? No! you know what (expletive).... I seriously would have been fine if she didn't have that scrunched up face I am a you know what face. I would have been disappointed about not checking out ten books and would have asked the nice guy.

The ONLY person I like to check my books out with because he isn't slow, he talks to you, and he's nice. My school library teacher always has a big smile on his face. If you don't like the job then GET OUT! All you had to do is let me talk, listen, explain in a nice way and me and you wouldn't have had a problem. Now I will ALWAYS dislike you. I can be stubborn so I doubt I'll forgive you. Just shut up, listen, and don't look like you are enjoying my pain! My dad I thinks she wasn't being a you know what. And maybe I'm overreacting. I am pretty sensitive. I got mad at a girl because she laughed at one of my book titles names. I got embarrassed and got kind of mad. But I stopped because it was really ridiculous to get mad at her. She didn't mean and the next time I saw her she wasn't all gloomy or a Why-am-I-here face. She was pleasant. And I've seen her later on and she was pleasant as well so I don't mind having here check me out. I really hate this woman's guts now. So I plan to go later with my ID and then watch The Hunger Games which my friend has already seen twice and says is amazing. So it should be good... Just in a really crappy mood right now so it's like whatever so I'll be happy to leave with my three books and then go off to the movies. My parents are coming so it'll be interesting. I know they are going to ask questions and the love triangle... so it's weird. But it's Hunger Games so... yay!