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The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

Snarky Bianca Piper couldn't be more different then her two friends. They are the tall, all legs, blond hair, bubbly, cheerleading type of people. It doesn't matter really. She's known Casey since Kindergarten after she defended her from schoolyard bullies and she has been doing the same ever since because Bianca likes to bottle things up so she worries about her. Jessica is always as sweet as can be and is unaware that her brother caused her pain many years ago.

Her real problems consist of a mother who never is home and a father who might just break if she doesn't. Things start to get tough at home and her pure hatred towards the slut Wesley turns into desperation because he can offer her an excuse, an escape,... distraction but when he starts to be a little more bearable and a little more understanding actually listening to her she questions whether or not she has feelings other than hatred towards the guy.

Honestly, I must have skipped the part where it says frien…

The Death Cure by James Dashner

Finally I can say that I read this book. After months of waiting (for some unknown reason) and rereading the others in the trilogy. So here we go. After the shocking ending where Brenda talks into Thomas's head you might be wondering what's with that!? So sorry but that would be ruining some things. *evil grin* Anyways Thomas is left in an all white room his hatred growing for weeks. What's happened to the others? Thomas is patient and hardly reacts at all when the Rat Man comes in telling him he'll see them again and soon he will get his memories back. But part maybe his guilt? doesn't want to get his memories back. He doesn't trust them poking around in his head anyways. He knows what they are capable of. He won't have them controlling him. The  Rat Man drops a bomb. Some people are immune some are not. *Cue crying* - you'll be doing this as early as the first 50 pages. It's just so horrible. Teresa seems to be against him all the way through and…

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

The next installment of Maze Runner is as great as the last maybe even better.

Thomas and the other Gladers have escaped the Maze. Now they are off to bed but their lives will soon turn into a nightmare... again. They thought this was it. Their rescue. But they wake up with bars covering where the windows were and people who can't really be called people, Cranks, are screaming like Banshees. This is the result of the Flare. People start to slowly lost their minds. The disease that everyone who went to the changing saw and feared.

Thomas screams out in his head for Teresa but she doesn't reply. Left in her place is a boy named Aris who was with a group of girls before and he has the uncanny ability to connect with Thomas's mind. This discovery comes as a shock to the Gladers but what did they expect? It makes total sense that there is another group out there. And another twist to the plot is what's next to what was Teresa's door. The Betrayer. All of the boys have …

Library Saturday #1

Thought I start Library Saturday just for me because others like this don't really pertain to me. I love my library and I'll usually go every Saturday to the library. Thought you guys might want to know what I'm reading and what I'll be reviewing soon with just a little info on why I wanted to read the book. It's been one of those weeks... so this is something to replace all those reviews that were supposed to be on here already. I have four planned so be prepared soon. So without further ado here are my library books this week:
This has been a book I've been wanting to read for a year now before I found out how awesome the library system was. Books about ghosts and it's a dead boyfriend? Yes. I will read you.
Can you say Cover Love? This is definitely one of them. Was proposed on Goodreads as a group read. It's about witches and after Hex Hall I can't wait to read more. And well... the cover is awesome. Everyone has read this so I'm giving up t…

Steel by Carrie Vaughn

I have never read a pirate book.... you're getting excited already aren't you? Yes, my friends I said a pirate book. And not just any pirate book (I don't think you can ever say that with a book liked this but whatever) a pirate book with time travel.

Jill is a Fencer. Once she started she never looked back but now her resent loss is starting to get to her. Half a second. That's all it took. And she knows she shouldn't be moping especially while she's on vacation in the Caribbean but she can't stop thinking about it. She finally gives in to her mother's persistence and joins her and the rest of her family on the beach. She takes a walk and seems to walk endlessly to a place that just illuminates peace and quiet. She just wants to leave. She doesn't want the pressure. And then that's when she feels something at her feet. It doesn't feel like a shell... She leans down and picks up a rust covered sword. Not just any sword. A rapier. What her f…

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

First of all there is no cat in this book so I don't know what's up with the cat in the cover. Maybe representing witchcraft? Weird.

Sophie Mercer is a witch. She's known since she was 12. 3 years ago. Her mother left her father after he confessed that he was a warlock and believing he was crazy left him but when Sophie was born she quickly learned the ways of magic and witchcraft. She is constantly worried about her and for good reason. She's lived in 19 states in her short life. Finally she goes too far and her father sends her packing to Hecate Hall a.k.a. Hex Hall a boarding school for Prodigium. Prodigium are witches, faeries, and shapeshifters (not necessarily werewolves).  All of the kids have been sent there on account of their bad behavior in the real world. Here at Hex Hall they will learn all about themselves and how to stop revealing their magic in front of "normal" people. And as our main character of course there comes trouble in the form of th…

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Now I've seen the movie Stardust so I'll be comparing it to the book at the end. It's basically the same thing with some differences. Every nine years there is a market outside the city of Wall. The Wall is a farming town and there is an 18 year old boy named Tristran (I'm calling him Tristan from now on like the movie) who has a sister 6 months younger than him and unbeknownst to him his mother is not his mother. His father went to this same market 18 years ago and fell in love with a woman after a gentlemen agreed to pay him for letting him stay at his house. He gives him his heart's desire I think he calls it for him and his child. His father never told him this and he has never thought to question it. His "mother" always stares at him oddly but he doesn't know why. He's fallen in love with Victoria Forester who every boy or man even has too. He will give her anything and then he promises her a fallen star that he sees. She just laughs at him …

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

I'm surprised I haven't reviewed this somewhere else before. I mean come on. It's The Maze Runner! Probably because I read in Summer before the blog. I wouldn't be surprised if you read it before because... it's The Maze Runner. Okay before I annoy you to death I will proceed on to reviewing this wonderful book.

This is a book I never wanted to read. Do you see a pattern? It does start off slow for me. Mostly likely more for me because I was really reluctant to read it. I mean. A book about a boy running in a maze... not that interesting. But of course it's more than that. It's kind of like The Lord of the Flies or I'm told it is. There's a group of boys about 50 of them living in a maze with monsters all around they named The Grievers. They are part animal and part machine. Just looking at them will make a shiver go down your spine. These boys have been living two years in what they call The Glade. It's like a perfect square in the middle of t…

Letters in Cardboard Boxes by Abby Slovin

I've never read a book by an independent author before. I think I was over-analyzing it in the beginning. Then I stopped myself before I went crazy and eased into the story. From then on out I let the story fill me up.

Parker is a 29 year old who seems t like being stuck in a rut. At least she doesn't seem to notice that she acts way older than she really is. At 29 I would think I wouldn't be as sad as I felt she was. Well anyway the one person she could trust sent her a letter. It's not unusual for her grandmother to do so because her childhood was filled with these letters. Letters going back and forth between their houses that aren't that far away. Letters filled with adventures across the sea or just in a new place altogether other than their home in New York. They were something to pass the time away but not only that. It filled a hole missing from Parker's life. A bond that has been seemingly unable to break. Her grandmother raised her after all while he…

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

I never wanted to read this book. It's another angel book. Catch that? Another. Unearthly was so good that I was like Okay. If that one was so good this can't be bad. And it did not disappoint.

Patch is a fallen angel. He's got this way about him. This confidence. And his eyes just draw you in even though you know he's bad news. Of course no one knows what he is. That's what Nora Grey feels. He's reeks bad news and she just turns to mush when he talks to her. He seems to like to embarrass her for no good reason. He says it's because he likes her but she's not going down that road. Especially since he's is so dead on when it comes to describing her. Like he can look into her eyes and know everything. He knows how her mothers always away now since she has to be the breadwinner because her father died. He knows she is slow to trust and needs to be in control. Meanwhile she can't get anything out of him. She basically knows his name, he's myste…

Deadly Little Lies by Laurie Faria Stolarz

I know! I have been a horrible blogger... Well here I am trying to redeem myself (:
Warning: If you haven't read Deadly Little Lies you shouldn't read this review unless you want some things spoiled for you. I warned you...

It's seems like just yesterday that I read and reviewed Deadly Little Lies. And... oh wait. It has been only just a couple of days! I don't usually do that. Read books so close together unless I was really impressed with the first and really want to know what happened. So you know I really wanted to know what happened. The ending didn't leave a good taste in my mouth. As you know I didn't like Ben so you know that he didn't win any points for me by up and leaving. And again. This time around I didn't like him either... let me just tell you what the book is about first.

Camelia is feeling heartbroken after Ben just left after saving her life. Now I can't get how she can like him so much. Yeah he saved your life but he is still inc…

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

2nd book for the Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012!

I never thought I'd be reading let alone reviewing a book about angels but here we go. Clara is part angel. More specifically she is a quarter angel. Her mother is half angel. And her grandfather was a full fledged angel. She has a brother named Jeffery who does any sport under the sun even though she and him are not supposed to flaunt their skills. Everything comes easier to them and they can't really help it. She's been having visions of her purpose. All angels have their own purpose in why they are on earth. She envisions a boy and she's suddenly sad. They know each other but she doesn't know his name. He's in front of a wall of fire and then... she snaps out of it. Her visions just happen all of a sudden. She can be in class, talking to a friend, or driving on an icy road... yeah. It's not a very safe ability. She finally has the vision that pinpoints his location. So from sunny California they go to…

2012 Dusty Bookshelf Challenge

I might be going a little crazy with these challenges. This is my third one for this year and one I think I really need. Here's the info:

1. Write a blog post  with a list of all those books that are literally or figuratively sitting on your shelf that you’ve been meaning to read for a while. OR You can join my NEW Goodreads group for this challenge! You can pick books that you bought and haven’t read or books that you’ve just been waiting to read for a long time. Feel free to use the badge I made at the top of this post. 2. Pick a level ~Pixie Dust – Read 0-5 books ~Dust Bunny – Read 5-10 books ~Cobwebs – Read 10-15 books ~Grungy – Read 20+ books EXTRA CREDIT-Say how long that book has been sitting on your shelf! 3. Link your blog post where you are doing the challenge at the bottom of this post (with the blue button) and then enter the giveaway!

I am too lazy to type it again. But I will post up what my books are going to be. There will be 24 of them.

1) Return to Gone Away by …

Break by Hannah Moskowitz

Jonah loves his brothers so much. His brother Jesse is allergic to everything! Well almost everything. He can't even go near milk or he'll get a reaction and if he even touches it... he won't be able to breathe in about a minute. And he's always messing up with him. Will was just born a year ago and what does that mean? He can hardly ever go into his house. He can't even really hug his mother while she's breastfeeding. And Will? The baby who hasn't stopped crying for 8 months? Well he's a hazard too but Jesse picks him up anyway. He's always worrying about Jesse the jock who's ripped, four inches taller than him even though he's younger, and plays like three sports. He's a machine but then it's his weakness Jonah is really worried about.

His parents shouldn't even be married but they just stay together because of Jesse really and end up with Will. Jonah has a little recreational activity that you'll find out in the first pag…

The Roar by Emma Clayton

First Speculative Fiction Challenge for 2012!!! Yay! 1 down 23 to go.

Ellie is flying across the Earth with her monkey friend (yes I said monkey) Puck back home. Home is London. Home is beyond The Wall where people have been living since The Animal Plague when animals destroyed and killed everything in it's path. Now everywhere it's just a huge melting pot where different mixes are living together. Some in not so great places like The Shadows where folded up houses are flooded all the time, it's completely dark, and there are a couple of deaths everyday and climbing. But the rich up high don't care. The government doesn't care. They let the majority of the citizens eat food that's not even real. Food is too expensive. Now Ellie was taken away a year ago. She has escaped and is planning to go home. Her brother. Her twin brother whom she has never gotten along with but now that they've been apart... all they want to do is be together.

Mal Gormon is responsib…

How Oliver Olson Changed the World by Claudia Mills Pictures by Heather Maione

Oliver Olson's parents like to control every aspect of his life. He can't go to his friend J.P's house for a sleepover on account of germs and they won't be there to make sure he's safe, he needs to eat a very healthy meal even if it tastes like cardboard, and he can't do his own diorama project because he might miss something to get a good grade on it. Oliver was a sickly child and his parents have turned to worrywarts because of it. He can still become sick at anytime. And then he has to eat protein bars and *shudders* rice cake to make sure he's as healthy as he can be. His parents will likely either do his homework for him or correct them. They think he's always behind because he had to wait a year to go to kindergarten. And then there's this other assignment where he has to come up with an idea that can change the world. How is someone who has everything done for him or is always told what to do supposed to change the world?

I can't even r…

Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012

My second challenge for 2012 here. It's all about science fiction so I should be able to get far what with my love for dystopians. Information on the challenge is just below.

Timeline: 01 Jan 2012 - 31 Dec 2012. You can sign up from now right up until 31 Nov 2012. Rules: The levels are back this year! Just pick your level and declare it in your post or in the comments below:  Nosey: 3 novelsExcited: 6 novelsContent: 12 novelsIn Nirvana: 24 novelsObsessed: 48 novelsThere is no need to list your books now (unless you are like me and love making lists), just pick as you go along and have fun! Books can most definitely be counted towards other challenges.  I will post a monthly link up for you to share your reviews. There are no prizes other that a sense of satisfaction at reaching your goal (*interpretation* We are broke college students with no sneakily awesome publishing contacts). 

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Camelia has always had a normal life. She's friends with a boy crazy and clothes crazy girl named Kimmie and a sort of funny smart alecky boy named Wes. 3 months ago her life was simple. Hanging out with her friends, sculpting pottery, and having an overall good life but then something has to give right? She is walking along and drops a pair of earrings and notices that a car is headed straight her way. She freezes and before she can be hit by the car she is hit hard by something else and is pushed out of the way. Then there is this boy appearing in front of her asking if she's okay. He does something odd... he touches her. She can't get the way he touched her out of her mind. The touch and him because he's gone just as fast as he got there.

So it's a new year and she's a Junior. She's talking with her friends and then he comes in. The boy everyone is talking about not only because it's a small town and he's new but word is he pushed his girlfriend…

What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell

"When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she fell slow. She had time to notice things on her way down — Oh, there’s a teacup! There’s a table! So things seemed almost normal to her while she was falling. Then she bumped down and rolled into Wonderland, and all hell broke loose. I’d noticed things on the way down, too. I’d seen it all —  the way he took off his hat, the way he lit her cigarette, the way she walked away, her scarf trailing in her hand. Flower petals and a pineapple vase. Now I had to look at it again. This time without me in it, wanting things to go my way." Evie is a fifteen year old girl who just can't wait to be an adult. She wants to be able to wear Revlon's Fatal Apple lipstick, walk like she knew she was pretty, and have the attractive older Peter Coleridgethe ex-soldier that served with her step-father Joe. Before I get into Joe I should talk about her mother. Her mother is what people would call a bombshell. She has curly blond hair and is just …

LoveSick by Jake Coburn

Ted just lost his scholarship because of a car accident that wrecked his knee. Not only that but he has to go to AA meetings so he doesn't go to jail. He was well revered after all so he's given a break. Never considering himself an alcoholic he goes to the meetings and ends up staying sober. He wasn't ever hurting anyone else drinking because he did alone when his parents weren't home from all there jobs. He just left one night and hurt the one person he always was- himself but it shows on the outside now. Then he's suddenly given the opportunity to change his luck. Another free ride given to him. All he has to do is look after a rich man's girl. A couple e-mails and he's set. He doesn't even have to do it the four years.

Erica is bulimic. She resents her father and his poor choice in women especially his with The Ferret as she likes to fondly call his wife. Her mother dies 15 years ago so around 3 she lost her mom. Being bulimic means she binges with…

Versatile Blog Award

I want to thank Tabitha from Tabithas' Book Blog for passing this award on to me. So nice. (:

Here are the rules: Thank and link to the blogger who bestowed the award.Share seven random facts about yourself (see below).Spread the love by passing the award to five other bloggers--and be sure to let them know.

Okay so seven random facts about me:

1) I absolutely love Kerns Apricot Juice which I've been drinking since I was a toddler (I have pictures).
2) I really like clocks and hope to have a collection of them in my own house as well as paintings, pictures, books, movies, and cds. (Yeah my house will be full)
3) I used to play alto saxophone in middle school.
4) I am horrible at math and need to have the teacher explain it to me one on one.
5) I'm graduating high school this year.
6) I still have a bunch of stuffed animals on my bed.
7) I can draw but only if I have a reference.

Bloggers I am passing this on to:
Lil Berry

Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt

Payton Gritas has been clueless of her father's MS until one startling discovery of her mother putting a needle in her father's butt. Yeah. Awkward. 6 months of lying by not only her parents but her brothers too. Did they not think she can handle it? Furious she stops speaking to them. Two weeks later she is in the counselor's office after her parents scheduled a meeting for her. Now she must get advice on dealing with her father's disease from a woman that dresses sporadically and probably has never seen a file in her life. She suggests getting a Focus Object so she can focus her emotions and be able to deal with her dad's MS. She hasn't been very organized or even focused so when she remembers that she has a meeting after this periods over she looks around for one. She goes over some inanimate objects but she wants something that changes and then she sets her eyes on the back of Sean Griswold's head. It's perfect! Jac is there too helping her with be…