Cover Love: Breadcrumbs

This book not only comes with this great cover but great illustrations inside as well. It's weird she looks much older inside then in the outside cover. There is also randomly if (maybe) you click the image there are three what looks like bugs in front of Hazel. I thought this was going to be fairies and I was sadly disappointed... I'm an analyzer so I was thinking why is her footsteps like that? Why don't they just go straight ahead? She's wasting time. I know. I'm going to far. I looked up this illustrator and I live her work! There is this really beautiful picture she drew in the book but she never put it anywhere on her blog... it's the picture of her sitting on the toilet. The toilet seat is down! She's just sad about her best friend. Anyway she's also done Lucky for Good and I also think the others in the trilogy as well as French Ducks in Venice. The illustrator is named Erin Mcguire.

Hazel from Breadcrumbs
French Ducks in Venice

Pretty right? Here are some other illustrations she's done: